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Want to go for a walk?

If anyone is interested in joining us in the tri-county Walk to Cure Diabetes, here is all of the information.

The walk will be held on Saturday the 23rd of August.
Walk begins at 9:30 am.
It will be held at the Wheeler Historic Farm.
The distance is a 5K.
I am a team captain for the team I've called "Dean Team".
If you're in the area and would like to join our walking team, click on this link:

Last year we joined last-minute and were able to raise a little over our $100 goal. This year I've set our goal at $200. I will put up information later on how to donate. For now, we're just looking at making our team of walkers.


There isn't much cohesion to this post. Here are a few recent pictures.

Ryan eating eggs. He's only been eating protien latley. Eggs, hot dogs, salami, etc. He actually asked me to take a picture of him eating his eggs. He is wearing a Spider man shirt, and eating with Spiderman dinnerware. Not sure why Colin took this picture. Evan is screaming but he calmed down eventually.
Bathtime. Evan used to hate the bath but he's liking it more now.
Matchings. It was a good thing I took this picture when I did because just minutes later (at church) Evan's outfit had to be changed, I'll spare you the details.

All Nike-ed out. This is an outfit from Nana, and he looks really cute in it. The hat didn't last long but it sure was cute.

2 months old

Evan turned two months on May 14. I waited to blog until he'd had his check-up so that I could include those stats. As his shirt says, "Don't call me shorty". He measured 24.25 inches which is 90th percentile. His weight is a very proportional 95th percentile at 14 pounds 6 ounces. He has a tiny head still 39 cm at 50th percentile.
Evan is doing really well. He still eats well (obviously) and most nights he is sleeping REALLY well, like 4-7 hours at a time. Some nights we still struggle with 2-3 hour intervals but he's a great baby. He has started smiling and although I have yet to get it on camera, we're all having fun watching him smile back at us. He's starting cooing and gooing and we love to "talk" with him in the morning when he wakes up.
Ryan is still doing really well with him, as long as he doesn't try to pick him up. He does like having Evan around I think.


So last night was pretty scary as it goes for diabetes. I had the highest high I've ever had since the day I was diagnosed (actually it was higher last night). So here were the events leading up to this high. I hadn't gotten much rest on Wednesday night because Evan had decided he wanted to stay up all night long. I started feeling pretty tired and kinda ill. So I laid down and then I decided I'd get ready for bed. I checked my sugar and it read "HI". That's bad. So I checked again and got the same reading. Well, since I didn't exactly know how high "hi" was, I decided to try to bolus about 9 units. I guzzled a bunch of water down and went back to bed. While lying there, I checked on my site and realized that it had completely come out. So, I wasn't getting any insulin. That's bad on a normal night, but this particular night I had decided to get a mango drink at Taco Bell to go with my dinner (free coupons online btw). I usually NEVER ea…



Mother's Day

me and my boys

flowers from my hubby
jess, mom, jen, justin
Stephenie Meyer's new book- the Host
I needed the middle book in the Twilight series because I borrowed it last time.
I started re-reading the series but then I realized I started too early because Breaking Dawn doesn't come out until August. So, I think I'll read the Host first and then start in on the series again.

Mess Maker Mess Maker, Make Me a Mess

Ryan has learned the art of mess-making. He's up to it almost every day. I decided I'd document a week's worth of messes.

Sunday- he spilled red Kool-Aid onto the carpet.

Monday- I put him down for a nap in my room and he got into the little bag that I keep all of my extras in. I came in to check on him and he was asleep, but he'd done some damage with my chap stick before falling asleep.

Tuesday- He trashed the living room. This is really a typical mess, he dumps out his cars about three or four times per day.

Wednesday- His bedroom . Another regular, the big Legos dumped onto the floor.

Thursday- the coloring mess. Does he have to dump things out when he plays with them? Apparently so.

Friday- He found my three-whole punch and dropped it, some dots fell out so the thought he'd try it until the punch came apart and there were dots all over the floor. I made him clean this one up. He actually likes using the Dustbuster.

We're getting pretty good at the cleanup son…

Evan's Blessing Day

Sunday we blessed Evan. It was a great day. The sun was shining (finally) and we all enjoyed the day together. Colin blessed Evan and said a wonderful blessing. One thing that I remember from the blessing was a gift to be able to help other people and understand thier feelings. Evan is such a sweetie, we all love him. Pictured below is the Dean side of the family, the McNews were also there but we didn't get to take any pictures with them.

Daddy, Ryan, Mommy, Evan

Daddy, Evan, Ryan, Grandpa Bruce
Daddy, Evan, Uncle Stuart, Ryan, Aunt Katie
Mommy, Daddy, Evan, Uncle Stuart, Ryan, Grandpa Bruce

come with us to the park

We needed something to do on Saturday. The weather wasn't perfect, but it worked well enough to go for a trip over to our local park. We were smart this time and brought lunch and chairs with us. We all had a great time. Colin ran into a friend from his mission. He had an RC car and Ryan LOVED it.