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Evan has been doing some of the cutest little things lately. He is learning how to speak in longer sentences. He's putting together the cutest phrases.

During Christmas time he was saying, "Santa Clause is coming to town". It sounded a lot like "San-a coming now".

He also learned to say "Shake your booty". Sounds a lot like "shaka bootee".

He is becoming a real couch potato with all of the cold weather and yucky air. He'd watch movies all day long if I let him. He's constantly asking for "Dragon Movie On". The kids got this movie that came with Ryan's castle, some Imaginext thing with a dragon, we've seen it about a hundred times. Or, "Watcha Beast" (Beauty and the Beast).

Tonya says he's always the first one to say "thank you" and that it's then very contagious.

He'll tell everyone to dance, "buddy dance".

Today in the car we were stopped at a red light and he said, everybody go!…

A Close-Call

So last weekend, on Martin Luther King Jr. day, we were all home and planning on heading over to the Auto Show, when our plans changed... Ryan and Evan were playing in my bedroom and there were some Lego's that had fallen behind the TV. Ryan was trying to get them out and decided to give the TV a big shove. It fell right on top of Evan.

I was in the next room, heard the crash, and then the screaming and ran in to see what had happened. I yelled for Colin's help and pulled the TV off of him. He was crying so hard and my very first thought was that his ribs were broken. Once we got him calmed down a little we realized that he was really favoring his leg.

So we decided to watch him for a couple of hours. I had a doctor appointment in Provo so I went to that and called Colin on my way home. He said Evan was still favoring his leg. I decided to make an appointment to see his pediatrician. After about 30 minutes I realized that they probably didn't have an x-ray machine there so I…

The Dreaded Toddler Bed

I'm not sure how the transition to toddler bed has gone for the rest of my mommy friends out there, but for us, it's been hard. Both times. When I was expecting Evan, Santa brought Ryan his "Cars Bed". I had no idea what I was in for. Finally one day in frustration, I got out my screw-driver and reversed the lock on his bedroom door so that I could lock him in there at nap-time. It worked. He went back to bed and don't worry, I always went back in to check on him.

So Evan started climbing out of his crib a few months ago and that crib has seen better days, it's not exactly super-safe. So, I took down the drop-side and have "converted" it in to a toddler bed for him. At least when he climbs out he's not dropping down four feet. He won't stay in his bed. He's been out of his bed as many as eight times in one night. While Colin was away at school last week, I really had my hands full with the bedtime routine. I finally figured …

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