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Baskets from the Easter Bunny

Hunting Easter eggs in the back yard!  

 Church on Sunday was awesome.  Here are the boys in their cute Easter outfits.

Easter Eve

Grandma went all out this Easter and had some really fun activities planned for the kids, and a delicious meal for the whole family.   We went over on Saturday and enjoyed the holiday festivities together.  
Phase 1: dying eggs

Phase 2: hunting eggs

Phase 3: decorating sugar cookies

Treehouse Museum

My good friend Amy and I took our kids up to Ogden to the Treehouse museum on Friday.  This was a day when our kids' spring break schedules overlapped so it worked out perfectly.  The kids loved the museum.  Amy and I had a wonderful visit and all of the kids played very well together.  Except for the ten minutes when Evan was super naughty and HID FROM ME.  I thought for sure he had been kidnapped.  That little stinker got mad at me for making him share a toy with another kid at the museum and ran and hid.  I couldn't believe him!  But... the rest of the time was great!  I'd say if you've never been there before, it's definitely worth the drive.  

Boy Quotes 2012

I write down little things that I hear the boys saying when I remember to.  Usually, I'll text someone something funny that one of them said, or just try to remember it and write it down.  I've kept all of these quotes in a note page on my phone so it's more convenient and I remember to do it.  Here are some of the funny things they said last year.  As I read through them, I remember this is why I love being a mom.  They really are funny kids and they just crack me up!  

I've already started a new one for 2013 and maybe I'll post those and update them as the year goes on.
“On Star Wars there was something sick nasty awesome.” Evan

“It's appropriate for us.” Evan

Evan notices all of the security cameras wherever we go. He points them out like he’s counting slug bugs or something, “Security Camera!”

Mom: “Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.” Evan: “I don't have crumbs in my bed.” He says this every single time I say that.

Jazz vs Knicks

I scored us some free Jazz tickets on Monday night. The tix came with a VIP dinner before hand. The game started quite late so we only stayed till half time. It was a great date but unfortunately the jazz lost to the Knicks.
Thanks for the hook up, Dave

Birthday at Grandmas

Evan got another party at grandmas on Sunday. She made his favorite dinner- Chicken enchiladas and he loved this cake!

Birthday Party

We had Evan's party at Classic Fun Center this year.  It was a blast.  A loud, chaotic, ball of fun.  All of the kids had an amazing time and man, were they worn out at the end!    balloons from Aunt Jess
 Birthday boy at his party
 all the boys jumping


 all the party guests