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Taking off

So we're headed out of town tomorrow and I can't wait. I know Colin can't wait either and Ryan is looking forward to riding on Grandma & Grandpa's "go cart". I'm not sure how he'll handle the 800 mile drive down to San Diego, but we're splitting it up and staying with the Stoker's in Las Vegas again, so hopefully we'll all survive.
Here's our update for this week:
Ryan has had a pretty bad week. Saturday and Sunday he had hives. I took him to the clinic on Sunday and the doctor told me he had hives. Thanks. So I gave him some Benadryl and those went away. The rest of the week it's been a complete battle to get him to sleep. Nap time has been a struggle, bedtime has been a struggle and then there are the daily tantrums. I feel like he maybe has an ear ache or could he be getting his molars? We'll see!
The baby is still looking good. We had our second (of MANY to come) non-stress tests and he passed with flying colors. He is v…

More Snow

We had Monday off from work due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday (for Colin) and because I'm off track (from now till Feb. 8 if you want to hang out). Luckily we didn't have to deal with the snow in the morning commute, but the Salt Lake Valley got hit hard again- up to 12 inches in some places. So, we decided to make the best of it and bundle up and go play. We hadn't tried sledding with Ryan this year because of the disaster that last year was. This time though, we kept it small and Ry had a good time. At the bottom of the first hill he said, "again!" It was really cute. Ryan wanted to make a snowman but the snow was so dry that it didn't really work. Great for skiing in, not so great for trying to make a snowman. Anyway, these aren't the greatest pictures, but we had a fun time.
Oh, and by the way, I'd be okay if it never snowed again until December, but I don't think we'll be that lucky. I was listening to the news last night and the …

Jazz Game

Colin's team at work earned a Jazz game in one of the sky box suites. The game was Saturday night. They had a great time, and the Jazz won.

29 weeks

I've subscribed to pregnancy weekly so I can get a little blurb about what's going on with the baby each week. I read a lot more with the first one, but it all seems so repetitive, so I haven't really read a whole lot this time around. Anyway, here's what the email says for today- 29 weeks.

This is day number 203 and you're 29 weeks pregnant!You have 77 days or 11 weeks left, and are 72.5% of the way there.Baby's age since conception is 189 days or 27 weeks. You are due on 3/29/2008.

Fetal Development
Your baby is now about 16.7 inches from head to toe, and weighs about 2.7 pounds. He or she continues to be active and grow; however, you may be feeling fewer kicks and punches. This is because even though your baby is getting larger and stronger, he or she also has less space in which to gain momentum for these movements. Your baby's blood is now being produced from the stem cells in its bone marrow.

At my last Dr. appointment on Monday, the OB performed the firs…

Let the List Making Begin

I guess I've hit that "nesting" phase of my pregnancy already. I'm usually the type to not want things to be undone, but lately it's been consuming my every thought. This year I have 8 weeks of lesson plans to prepare in addition to getting ready for the baby to come. So, whenever I get uneasy about how much I "have to do" I just make a list. I have a three-fold list going right now (home, baby, work) and I'm already starting to knock some things off the list. Friday (my day off) was very productive and I'm getting more and more done. The only bad thing with all of this motivation I feel to finish tasks is that I do things I shouldn't, like lift extremely heavy boxes of Christmas decorations and, as a result, end up "over-doing-it" and feeling all tired and sore the next day. Saturday I didn't do a whole lot because I'd just about worn myself down.
I've felt a lot more anxious lately about everything. I'm so…

Guitar Hero

This game is a lot of fun even though I'm not really very good at it. It reminds me a lot of Dance Dance Revolution, not quite as much exercise though. Colin is a lot better than I am- big surprise! Ryan likes to "play" as well, here he is playing guitar with his daddy.

Happy New Year!

2008! Happy New Year Everybody! I'm always excited to ring in a new year and begin anew. I like to set goals and try to improve myself as much as I can. My students will be doing the same tomorrow- my "roles and goals" assignment that I just love to have them work on. So, I've started this year by buying myself a new calendar like I love to do. I got a lighthouses one this year. 2007 was sky scape's from different cities around the world. I like them both. I love to go through the year and add all the birthdays and events coming up. January is quickly filling up with lots of doctor's appointments, but something BIG to look forward to for sure! Next, I made some changes to my blog. So, if you've been checking today, it's been changing, but a work in progress and my computer has decided to run really slowly today, so you'll have to be patient with me. Anyway, I think I am liking it but I'm not one to keep things the same for very long, and I'…

Time Off Vacation

"don't take my picture"
I'm climbing out of my seat now.
Watch me duck away from the camera.
Colin and I have both been "off" from work since Christmas. Well, Colin had to work yesterday, but other than that we've had a nice quiet break at home hanging out with Ryan. The farthest we've traveled was to Provo for an afternoon to get the oil changed at the Ford dealership. We've eaten out a few times and done a few things here and there, but mostly we've tried to sleep in and play with Ryan. It was nice to be off while Stuart and Brooke were out here visiting. Colin has done a lot of X Box playing, and I've made a quilt for the new Baby. I'll have to take some pictures of that.

Here are some pictures from Red Robin. Ry did a good job at this restaurant even though the waitress forgot our table, but Colin will tell you the nightmare that happened when we went to IHOP the other day... What a disaster!