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Thailand, Day 6: Beach & Return trip

Our last day in Phuket :(  We went to the beach in the morning and flew home in the afternoon.   Thailand was seriously the best vacation I've ever been on!  I loved every minute of it.  Except for maybe when my baby was getting stitches.  We owe some gratitude to Stuart and Brooke for showing us all around and teaching us how to travel in Asia.  Can't wait till our next trip!  

Thailand, Day 5: Big Buddha

Our fifth day in Phuket we went for a jungle tour.  We first rode Polaris' up to the Big Buddha statue then went to the jungle to complete a ropes and zip line course.  This was a fun day!  It was really the first time I'd driven any kind of vehicle in 7 months!  It was fun to be behind the wheel of an ATV again.  The first one I got in was pretty much a junker though so I had to switch it out half way through.  The Big Buddah statue is pretty cool.  The kids thought it was fun to see and Colin and I really enjoyed the views of the island.  
After we drove our ATVs back, we went to a ropes course.  Evan was too small to do the big course (and Ryan was just barely tall enough) so Colin and Evan went to the kid's zone and Ryan and I did the big stuff.  Let me just say, I had no idea how hilly Thailand is.  Singapore is pretty flat but Phuket had tons of hills.  The ropes course was pretty tough physically.  I guess I wasn't totally prepared for it, or maybe I just didnt…

Thailand Day 4: Saying goodbye

On Day 4 we took it nice and slow, relaxed at the pool, hung out in the shade healing our sunburns.  Stuart and his family had to head back to China so we said goodbye to them that morning.  We had 2 more nights to enjoy in Phuket!  

Thailand: Day 3, Snorkeling Trip

For day three we hired a private boat to take the eight of us snorkeling.  We left right after breakfast and drove to the other side of Phuket to meet up with our boat.  From there we rode in the speed boat out to the Raya Island beaches.  We snorkeled for quite a while.  It was awesome!  Evan wasn't really supposed to get his stitches wet but we didn't want him to miss out so we put a swim cap on him and hoped for the best!  (He's fine, btw).  We saw some pretty amazing fish and even saw a star fish!  After snorkeling we were dropped off at this amazing beach with beautiful white sands.  We hung out there for a little while then headed back.  After dinner at Karron beach we all got foot massages.  That was awesome!  
I'd apologize for so many photos in one post but come on, if you were on a beach like that, you'd take a lot of photos too!  I was so glad I brought my big camera to capture this day!