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I guess I'm on the once per week blog post; lame. Oh well, what can I do? I suppose I'll be posting and doing more while I'm off track in THREE WEEKS!!! I am so looking forward to being off track. The sad thing is, I've already started my to-do-while-off-track list. I suppose we'll be plenty busy with Ryan going to preschool twice a week across town . I've scheduled play group at our house for the middle week. We have dentist appointments and pediatrician appointments scheduled as well.

I love the fall here in Utah, it's just so beautiful. Late September and we're still in the 80's and high 70's so we're loving that. The leaves have started to change colors and we can see the mountains looking more colorful.
Next week is General Conference and my family from San Diego will be up to watch. I can't wait to see them but I know we'll still be busy with all of our regular weekend stuff so we'll try to get as much done before they get h…

Good Night Moon

I had a request for another post. Then I got to thinking about it and I hadn't taken a single picture in one week. So, I took some of the boys today and I thought I'd do a little stint of our week. See videos at the bottom.

The boys have really been doing some cute things lately and I'm trying to remember them all so that I can write them down.

Every single day this week when driving home Ryan has asked for me to drive up the mountain so he can go see the new temple on the east side of the valley. I guess he can see it just right from his car seat as I am getting onto the freeway. I have not felt like just taking a drive up the hill so I've kept putting him off.

Finally on Friday I realized that the distribution center was the one stop in the last two weekends that I had just not gotten to. So, I told him that we would go to "mommy and daddy's temple". I drove over there and was showing him our temple. I pointed out the man on the top and was trying to teach…

Our Week

So sue me if this is the lamest post I've ever done. We are just so crazy busy these days that I don't have much else to add/post about.

Monday: Ryan attended his second day of Preschool. He calls it "P-School". They worked on the letter O and the color Red. He can write an O pretty well. The teacher knew which letter to start with!

Tuesday: I can't remember anything special that happened on this day. Tonya had a great report for the boys. Colin had class after work and we just sort of did our thing. Tuesdays are garbage days at Tonya's so Ryan and Curen love that day. Oh yes, how could I forget? The lovely district meeting that I had to attend which had me out of the house until 7:00 pm. Loads of fun and enjoyment. Thanks Jess for watching the boys for me.

Wednesday: Ryan had his third day of preschool and I was supposed to send something with him for show and tell. I realized this after work and called the teacher to see how he's doing. She said that h…

Ryan's first day of Preschool

Ryan had his first day of Preschool on Wednesday. I think he was excited, but I know that I was. And I was also a little anxious about how it would go. Overall, I think he enjoyed it. I was majorly bummed that I couldn't go drop him off and pick him up (and take more pictures) from school because I was working all day long, but I don't think Ryan cared much. He is enrolled with his two best buds Curen and Macee. They stuck real close together for the first day and brought home some cute first-day projects. He was thrilled to wear his Spiderman backpack and show us his tractor picture when we got home.

Last Weekend

Colin and I attended the BYU season opener last weekend in Provo. The cougars played against Northern Iowa. My parents watched the boys so it was a nice long date for the two of us. It was a great game to watch (at least for me). Colin gets quite emotionally involved in the games. When we were only winning by 10 that was just unacceptable. But I did think that it was strange to see the our team score zero points to their 10 in the second half. In the end, the cougars won 41-17 and it was nice to start out the season with a victory.

side note: I don't like writing game reviews so I'm making Colin do the next one.

Colin and I at the end of the game.
The back of the south scoreboard has been painted with the logo and motto. Pretty sweet looking.
This was Daddy and Evan before the game started. You can really see how red his hair is turning. Call us crazy but we ALL dress up every gameday in cougar shirts. One of my favorite things about football season... buying new shirts.

My Friend Carol

My friend Carol passed away on Monday. She taught me so many things in the less than two years that I knew her. Mostly though, she taught me how to be positive and optimistic. Carol knew how to make any situation better. She always saw the bright side and helped me to find the silver lining also. Nothing slowed Carol down, not even cancer. She was out golfing and going to lunch with friends throughout her radiation treatments.

She cared deeply for our students and each of their needs. Carol taught me how to really care for people. I still don't do it quite as well as she did.

Carol taught me that to be brave, all you have to do is trust in the Lord. She had a tremendous faith that never faltered. She trusted Heavenly Father and believed in Jesus Christ.

Thanks for all you've taught me Carol. I wish we could have taught together the five years we planned on, but Heavenly Father needed you more than I did. I know you're busy teaching again. I love you and I can&…

more from Evan

just a few recent photos of our Evan

a new trick

Evan has learned how to sit up all by himself. I think he kind of likes to do it too. He's proud of himself and he likes the view better than lying down. He's also been rolling around a lot more. I'll try to get it on video.