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Halloween Party- at Tonya's

Tonya is Ryan's wonderful babysitter who has never made an appearance on the blog before. I guess I'm pretty much in and out when I pick him up and drop him off. Anyway, we're on the same track this year and are off at the same time. The older kids feel like they don't get to see Ryan too much because he's gone before they get home now that I'm half-time. Anyway, they invited us over for a Halloween Party this past Friday afternoon. She did fantastic job putting it together, no surprise. They had all kinds of games and treats. The little ones tried to play along with the games, but they were more excited about the treats than anything.
Cake walk game. Look, they're actually all going the same direction.
A Pinata, Ry's first. He loved hitting it but was actually unsure of what to do when it broke.
All the kids going for the goodies.
A cute little snack craft. Mummy cupcakes.
Ryan as Sully.
Halloween Bingo.
Macey (Ryan's girlfriend) didn't dress up …

Our Little Monster

I absolutely love Ryan's costume this year. He's Sully from Monsters Inc. We rented that movie a while ago and he watched it about three times per day. I called my Aunt Linda and asked her about costumes for a 2 T. She is an excellent seamstress and used to run a Halloween Costume Rental business out of her garage so she has tons and tons of costumes. She had initially thought about doing a cowboy for him, but I wasn't too into it, just wasn't sure he knows too much about it. Anyway, she was at the fabric store and mentioned some blue furry fabric. I got the idea for a Sully, and Linda just ran with it. She did a little research on what the character looks like (thank you Google) and had this done in no more than three days. She called for measurements once and the costume fits him perfectly. I just love it! Anyway, here are some shots of him around the house in it.

Monster Portraits

Here are the first of the costume pictures. Ryan is Sully the Monster from Monsters Inc. this year. He really loves his costume and is super cute in it, or at least I think so. He didn't want to stand up for the pictures, but I think they're cute anyway.


For our Friday night activity, we went to the local pumpkin patch and chose two pumpkins. We carved them last night for FHE but I only took one picture of Ryan drawing on his pumpkin. Last night when I set the three of them out on our porch, Ryan brought his back inside. I guess he didn't want it out there. I think we'll light them up tonight and he may want his back outside.

Second Haircut

As you can clearly see in the first two pictures, Ryan was is in desperate need of another a haircut. His Daddy disagreed, but I took him to get one anyway. I like the new 'do but Colin is still upset about it. I was so tired of combing through the five inch long snarls everyday and Ryan is much happier that I don't have to anymore. He told everyone we saw that afternoon, "I got haircut". It was really cute. The after picture isn't very good, but you'll see how it looks in future posts.

Ryan's Portrait Session

I finally took Ryan in to get portraits this year- a little later than his Birthday, but it worked out okay with Halloween. Anyway, I was really pleased with the pictures and he did very well during the picture taking. The photographer wanted to put me in some of the shots- this was not my request- but a few of them are cute. It is so hard to decide which photos to order prints of, but I had a fun time and I can't wait until they come back. He also had portraits done in his Halloween costume, but you're going to have to wait for those a little while longer.

I think this one is my favorite because it shows so much personality.
Good thing my nails were painted!


Yes he played with the cars the entire shoot, but it made it bearable, so I didn't complain.
Kind of a funny pose there, but still cute.
This one I didn't order and I'm kicking myself, I may just have to do it after all.
And a nice close-up. You can see a small I'm-a-two-year-old-who-never-slows-down br…


Today I got together with four of my good high-school friends. Missy Segura (Riverton), Amber Odekirk (Kentucky), Autumn Labarca (West Valley), and Karalee (in transition from England to Las Vegas). It was really great to see all of my friends 9 years after we graduated. Between the five of us we have eight children now! So hard to believe. I see Autumn and Missy occasionally since they live here in Utah and Amber is really good about letting us all know when she is in town so I see her every couple of years. Karalee I haven't seen since college. Anyway, we had a really good time and I'm sure everyone else went home with a headache like I did. It was quite chaotic with nine children there, but well worth the visit. Thank you Amber for getting us all together. Thanks Missy for opening your home and food to us all, we had a great time!
Josh (Autumn's nephew), Andrea Labarca, Ryan Dean, Megan & Kate Segura, Lina & Brinlee Odekirk, Jack Segura (on the back of…

Gender Guessing Game

What do you think the gender of our second baby will be? I go in for my gender revealing ultrasound on November 5, 2007 at 10:30am. I've made a poll to the right, so click there and vote. Cast your ballots before 11/05.

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