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Junior Jazz Basketball

We were excited that Ryan could be in basketball this year.  He signed up to play with a couple of kids from our new ward and his good buddy from our old one.  They had a long season with practices starting in November and they finished with their last game on February 2nd.  He really enjoyed getting to run around and play on Saturday mornings.  Ryan is really good at guarding, he loves to do that more than handle the ball.
 At this age in Junior Jazz, they give the five kids who are playing a colored wrist band.  That way they know who to guard and it organizes the game a little bit.  Ryan played on a First/Second grade team.  Since he's a super young second grader, that was a good fit for him.

 The season came with two tickets to a Jazz game on a particular night.  I bought Evan an extra ticket and Colin took the boys out to the game.  They really loved it.
 Here's Ryan on the last day with his trophy.

Grandparents Day Program

This Friday Ryan presented his Grandparents Day program at Sprucewood Elementary.  He was a little bit nervous about performing but he did super well and remembered the words to all of the songs and the steps to all of the dances.  His Grandma Donna was able to go and be there for his program and he was so glad to have her there to share his day with.  Evan and I attended the dress rehearsal on Thursday and got a few pictures of him in action.  

 The Waltz

 The bunny hop
 with Grandma
Ryan was the Professor in the Gilligan's Island theme song skit.