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Can it be Spring?

The calendar tells us that it's now officially spring. In Utah that usually means about a month more of snow. We've had some pretty weird weather lately. Some days in and of themselves it is sunny, raining, hailing, snowing, and sunny again. However, we know that it is warming up and before we know it we'll have to crank up the Air Conditioner. I'm pretty excited for Summer this year. I'll finally have a break from work and I know it's going to be a LONG one. I plan on taking the kids to the park, organizing things in my home that I haven't touched in months, cleaning my carpets, maybe even doing a garage sale! It should be a good time. I have some pretty big goals for my stay-at-home life this summer but I'd hate to not achieve them so I'll keep them to myself for now. We plan on taking the kids to California this summer and visiting Disneyland for the first time for all of us but me. I'm more excited to take Colin than I am to take the boys. S…

Birthday Boy

Evan's birthday was very low-key but really nice. His Birthday was on Sunday this year and he had a pretty nasty cough so we decided to stay home from church. Skipping was nice because our weekends are pretty hectic, it was nice to have more time at home for relaxing, and for doing things like blogging! Anyway, I digress. Evan woke us up in the morning and not too long after found his presents and was ready to open them. Never mind his outfit, his choice!

Mommy bought him a Mr. Potato Head
I also bought him some new shoes and a pair of shorts and a new shirt. Guess we'll have to wait a few weeks (or more) on the shorts.
Nana sent him some super cute summer clothes and a really fun and really adorable dinosaur memory game.

Evan saying cheese for Colin's phone camera/video.
My Two Year Old!
When we were singing to him he sort of liked all of the attention.
But he really enjoyed his cake!

Later we went to Grandma's house to be spoiled even more! He got a bunch …

Happy Birthday Evan

Evan turns two today! He's two, and boy, through and through. He is funny, he makes us laugh all the time. He is active, constantly doing something. He is difficult too, throwing tantrums and getting frustrated with communicating with us. He is so much fun to have around. We enjoy his company and love having him as a part of our family. I've posted a lot about Evan lately, so maybe I'll tell you his birth story as some mommy bloggers do that when they post a birthday.

The nurses from Alta View called me the day before he was born to let me know that my c-section was scheduled for 7:30am, and that we needed to be at the hospital by 6:00am. So much for sleeping in! Grandma and Grandpa took Ryan the night before so that we wouldn't have to drop him off before the crack of dawn.

We arrived at the hospital that morning at 6:00 as directed and got all admitted. At about 7:00 they let us know that we were being bumped because of an emergency c-section that they needed to do ahe…