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Jungle Jim's

Ryan's best buddy Curen turned 5 this month. We attended his birthday party at Jungle Jim's. They all had a really great time.
Happy Birthday Curen!

Trick or Treating

I wanted to take the boys around trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood. They were pretty excited to dress up and go get a bunch of candy. I was excited for it also. So Evan dressed up as Batman. He loves this costume. It is a little bit big on him but that almost makes it even cuter. I never put the mask down over his face because he likes the cape and doesn't mind the hat affect but doesn't like it over his eyes.
Ryan dressed up as Spider Man. The costume doesn't look great with clothes on underneath but even with the unseasonably warm weather, he needed more that that flimsy little cloth to keep him warm after dark. He didn't mind the bulges anyway and was stoked to go trick-or-treating with Evan and me.
Bat Man and Spider Man getting hyped to go trick-or-treating with Mommy.
My Clown costume. I wasn't totally in to dressing up this year but needed to for work and this was the costume that worked for that occasion. So, I wore it again on actual Halloween nigh…

The costumes they didn't wear

This cute little costume/ flower shop near us was going out of business in the spring. She was selling all of her costumes for a really low price. So, I had some extra cash and I thought I'd go check out what they had. I was really looking for super-hero costumes for dress-up. They didn't have much but they did have a whole bunch of Scooby Doo costumes. So, I got one for each of us thinking that we'd all match. The only thing was, they didn't have one in Evan's size. As many of you may have experienced, shopping with children is less than easy sometimes. Ryan was throwing a fit and Evan wouldn't stay by my side. I was very frazzled and wanting to hurry up and get outta there. So, I quickly grabbed what I thought were some really great costumes. I got a Daphne for me, a Shaggy for Colin, and a Freddy for Ryan. I also got Ryan a Batman for play and I got Evan a cute little Frankenstein.

I get home that night and try on the Daphne. I discover that the 8-10 is actua…

Halloween at Colin's work

The kids and I really enjoy the annual trick-or-treating tradition up at Goldman Sachs. I look forward to marching the kids around the office while looking at all of the other kiddies and their cute little costumes. This year the employees were quite into it as well which made it all the more fun. Ryan, I mean Spider Man, heading into the building.
Batman follows closely behind.

Colin's teaching Batman how the whole trick-or-treating thing works. He's really excited about the candy but doesn't quite understand the reason for the bag.
The technology department turned their section of the office into the Chocolate Factory. They all dressed up like umpa-loompas and had a little "factory" assembly line going for chocolate covered marshmallows.
Amazing how much effort they went to in decorating their office.
Colin decided it was best to enjoy this treat while sitting down, and I took advantage of the photo-op.
Some dead guys at Goldman.
Ryan and Evan getting …

Halloween at Work

This is my class on Halloween.
This is my class with me- on Halloween.
Two bugs, a rocker, and a blind referee
The view down the hallway
This is my class lined up to see the parade. They are so happy to be out of class!
Another view of my class- Dead bride "in character" in every photo
Mrs. McDonald and her class all lined up for the parade- she is so funny and has brought a whole new element of fun to school/ work
And here we have Dorothy. The living and the dead.
The sixth graders.
These two fifth graders dressed up like Slash and Axel Rose from Guns n' Roses. The kids all thought Slash was Michael Jackson. He was getting pretty annoyed about it. However, when we walked into the gym and all the parents went nuts, he was really stoked.
My little Rock Stars. (and a grumpy Prom Queen)
So the theme this year was the circus. The principal dressed up like a ring leader and the assistant principal dressed up like a strong man.
These are the secretaries and one grand baby.