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2 nights, 2 sick kids

Both of my boys are sick with colds. Almost everyone I know has a sick kid right now. Has anyone gone to the doctor? Do I need to take my kids in? About how long is this thing lasting for everyone?
Here are the stories of the last two nights if you want to know all of the boring details of our lives:
Night before last Evan was up most of the night with a bad cold. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't sleep and he was just miserable. He would settle down if I would hold him and as soon as I laid him down to rest he would scream. I settled down on the couch with him on my belly and that only lasted a little while. He wouldn't nurse so I resigned to letting him cry, even though he was sick because everything I tried hadn't worked. Well, by that time it had been quite a while and he fell asleep rather quickly. I stayed on the couch until he woke up 2 hours later at 2am. I nursed him then and he slept until colin got up at 5:45. He went to the babysitters and was cranky until a…

Their Latest

Boys were messing around in the laundry basket the other day and I got this nice shot.

Ryan has been up to lots of fun things lately. His latest thing is that he's learned how to dress himself. He prefers certain shirts and pants to others, I guess we all do. I've had to do some mid-week laundry of the Spider-Man shirt and pants as well as the new "scotty-dog" shirt Colin brought back from Pittsburgh. My big Christmas gift this year was an illustrated family edition of the Book of Mormon, Old Testament, and New Testament. I started reading it to Ryan one night not knowing how he would like it. He loves it! I tell him all about the pictures and he even listens to the verses really well. He likes to know who the good guys and bad guys are and thinks its just like any other story.

Evan, on the other hand, has been a bit fussy lately. Maybe because he's getting some new teeth. He's still lots of fun though and usually pretty happy, especially when he…

North American Museum of Ancient Life

On January 1st, we took the boys to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum.

"The Museum of Ancient Life has the distinction of being the world's largest display of mounted dinosaurs. Not only will you meet our fierce prehistoric friends at the museum, though, you'll also become a part of their world. While you're weaving through the exhibits, chirps of insects and growls of ancient creatures greet you in each hall. Exhibits like the Erosion Table and the Fossil Dig give you an opportunity be a part of the science of paleontology. Needless to say, this is not an ordinary museum. "

We had a really great time and Ryan was a riot to watch. From the moment we walked through the door he was excited to check out all of the dinosaur bones. The museum was very kid-friendly and we stopped at nearly every exhibit to check things out and really get the whole experience.

At the entrance to the museum posing with a dino skeleton.

Ryan taking a picture of me with his toy …