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Halloween Twenty Fourteen


Fall Break Fun!

I've already blogged about our trip to Bintan and Little India.  Here are a few other things we did over the 11 day hiatus from school.  

Little India/ Deepavali

Oops!  I forgot some photos.  Republishing.  
Deepavali is today!  It's the Indian holiday, Festival of Lights.  I took the boys down to Little India on Monday and we cruised around checking out all that was to be seen, heard, touched, ate, and smelled.  

The markets smell like flowers because there are so many of these lovely garlands hanging up.  

I'm pretty sure this food is always like this there but I just love the way it looks.  

The streets are decorated (and light up at night) for the big holiday.
This is one of the lanes where the merchants are selling all kinds of festive Indian decor.
These are placed on the floors, sometimes made with colorful sand or rice.

We had to have lunch in Little India since Indian is probably our favorite food!

We stopped by the temple.  When Evan went for his field trip a couple weeks back I think he got to go inside.  Today we just took pictures outside.