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Boxcar Races Pack Meeting

I've recently been put in as Cub Committee Chair in our ward.  That means I help with pack meetings and running the cub scouts in our ward.  I am so excited for this calling.  Working with these young boys is just so much fun.  We have an amazing Cub Master in our ward who is just so much fun!  He came up with the idea of doing a boxcar race to go with January's theme of Trustworthy.  He taught the boys about what the different flags mean in a car race and he talked about how the drivers must have trust in their team to successfully finish the race.  The boys took 8 laps around the gym at the church.  They had to make a pit stop to fuel up (drink some water and eat a donut), change their tires (switch one tire to the other side of their car), avoid obstacles (leaders bumping into them on the track) and a few others which I can't remember.  The boys had a fun and memorable evening.  Ryan earned 4 pins!  I'm so proud of him and his hard work in scouts. He LOVES it, and …


The boys are playing Junior Jazz basketball through our local recreation center.  They're learning a lot and having fun. 

MLK day skiing

We took advantage of the day off of work and school to hit the slopes.  It was a SUPER snowy day.  It snowed about a foot while we were at the resort, we never saw the sun, but we had a great time and man, oh man are my kids getting good at skiing.  So good, in fact, that I'm getting worn out trying to keep up with them!  I'm so proud of them though and hope we'll get to go a few more times  this season!  We love to SKI UTAH!  I haven't uploaded the GoPro yet so I'll have to see what we got! 

Skiing Solitude

We went skiing on January 2 at Solitude.  I'm so impressed at how quickly the boys can pick these things up.  This was their second day skiing ever. We had a great time and can't wait to go back!