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The many faces of my mini photographer

One day I was in the mood for taking pictures, so I asked Evan to come out with me. He wanted to take pictures too. I realize these photos are very redundant, but he's oh-so-cute so I had to post them anyway!

Asian Festival

The next two posts are the lost files of June. Colin has the opportunity once per year to volunteer as part of the Goldman experience (Community Team Works). This year he volunteered to go to the Asian Festival at the Expo Center. He was there for a few hours on a Saturday so I brought the boys over to see the festival. It was pretty cool. The highlights were the face-painting and the performers. They were pretty cool!

Pioneer Day

Our neighbors got together to light fireworks on Pioneer Day! It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone. I love living in a great neighborhood with lots of friendly people. Evan's first sparkler.
He's not so sure what to think.

Ryan thinks sparklers are pretty fun though.
Colin was teaching the kids how to do the party poppers.
They had a lot of fun with those and made a pretty big mess too!
Ryan with a ribbon from the party poppers.
The adults hanging out.
The kids playing.
Sweety Sydney
The kids each took a turn throwing smoke bombs down the driveway.
Savannah (oops, cut her off there)
Savannah helping Ryan
Rylee and Jacob
Evan and Rylee