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USS Midway

In all the times I've visited San Diego (and while I lived there) I never went to see the USS Midway.  We decided it would be fun to do a touristy sight seeing activity on Saturday in San Diego.  I'm so glad we went.  There was so much to see and learn.  We definitely could have stayed longer but maybe we'll get to go back sometime.  If you're in San Diego and haven't seen the Midway, GO!  

Bowling at Viejas

We took the kids bowling on Friday night in San Diego.   Viejas has a nice little bowling alley and the kids had a blast!  


 Jax! (he's cuter than the rest of you and gets more photos) 

 Emry, Evan, Ryan, Brady

Wreath making

The day after Thanksgiving we got together at Linda's house for a crafting session.  We all made Christmas wreaths.  This was a lot of fun!