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Photo a Day May

Here's my photography project for may.  Click on the image to link to my 365 project dot org website where you can read titles and descriptions of each photograph.  

Join us for June! 

I'm a Mormon

Colin and I spoke in our new ward today.  Our ward has been focusing a lot of time on the "I'm a Mormon" campaign.  We've had a few meetings dedicated to people sharing their life stories with the congregation.  You can check out some really cool videos of other people sharing their stories as well at  I wish Colin had typed his story out because he did such an amazing job today.  I think he said some things that even I did not know about him.  I love when he shares his testimony.  He's had an amazing life full of wonderful and interesting experiences.  Maybe I can convince him to type it up; I'm not sure if he'll let me post it though.

Anyway, here's my story/talk:

As a descendant of Mormon pioneers, I was raised a Mormon. Brought up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, I learned the gospel of Jesus Christ as a young child. I was baptized at the age of eight and confirmed a member of the church. Raised in southern…