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June 2017

June was a FUN FILLED month for us around here.  We finished school for the year, did three scout camps, played with cousins, planted a garden, went hiking, swimming, splash pads, and have enjoyed some awesome warm weather!  So far, summer is off to a great start!

Water Rockets

At our June pack meeting we made bottle rockets which were propelled by water and air pressure.  The cub scouts had a blast!  They also earned all of their camp awards.  It was really fun to see all of their faces light up at the pile of awards they received from all of their hard work the past couple of months.  Thank you, Andrea for the photos!

Provo Rec Pool

This summer it's my goal to do one day of swimming or water activity each week.  One week we went down to the Provo Rec Center pool because... it's awesome.  The kids had a blast and swam for about three hours!

Ghost Falls Hike

Ryan did a short hike with his scout troop one Wednesday night and he really wanted to do it again so that he could show us some birds and a new trail.  It took me a while to follow my 11-year old's directions, but we eventually found the hike.  It was a great morning for a hike and it didn't get TOO hot on us before we were out of there for the day.   This hike is really a mountain bike trail.  So, if you're in to that kind of thing, I'd say take a bike!  It was an okay hike but I was just glad for the activity and one on two time with my boys.   I've just recently (thanks to Colin) discovered the All Trails app and I would recommend it to any hikers out there. Hiking is one thing that we have really gotten into as a family.  We all own a pair of hiking boots and a camel back now and really, that's about all the equipment you need, so it makes it an affordable pass time and we're enjoying exploring our surroundings.  

Cub Camp at Camp Tracy

Evan attended two days at Camp Tracy.   I didn't get to go with him on the first day, but did attend the second day.  

The boys did all kinds of things at camp including: rock climbing, go-cart racing, crafting a bow tie, making a light saber, designing a simple machine and creating a stick bomb, analyzing fingerprints, looking for forensic clues, shooting BB guns, participating in a camp fire program,  climbing up a tree house, and exploring an old train car.  This was the day that I attended, they also had a full first day as well.  At this camp Evan (and his fellow Bears) earned the following belt loops and awards:  Bear Claws, Bear Necessities; Fur, Feathers, Ferns, Forensics, Make it Move, Critter Care, Bear BB shooting, Bear Archery, Bear Slingshot, and Bear Shooting Sport.   The kids had the greatest time!