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October Photo a day


Halloween 2012

Our sweet neighbor wasn't going to be home on Halloween so she made the boys this train of goodies.  They thought they were so special!

 I'm officially past the years of having any influence over what the kids choose for their costumes.  The boys got to choose their costumes and this is what they went with.  I had to have a new tire put on my car so while that was being done, I took Evan to look at costumes.  This is what he chose.  Officially, it's a "pumpkin demon .  He loved it.  And I told him once he chose it that he couldn't change his mind.
 Ryan wanted to be a ninja for the second year in a row.  I remember specifically wanting to be a witch more than one year in a row so I figured it was hypocritical to make him chose something different.

 No masks were allowed at the church carnival so I painted his face, in about 3 minutes because it was time to go when I figured that out.



Gardner Village Witches

Becky and I took our kiddos over to Gardner Village to see the Witches today.  I love this annual tradition.  The kids really love it too, especially the cookie they earn at the end for completing the scavenger hunt.  


Way back when, I promised I would add photos of the house once I had it all how I liked it.  Well, it certainly isn't perfect (is it ever, really?), but it's done for now.  Here's our lovely home.  We are so happy here and we love our new neighborhood too.

The street view.