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Old Farm Splash Park

Jess and I met up with our cousins Cheryl and Stacy and all of our kiddos at the Splash Park here in Riverton.  The kiddos had a great time running around at the park and us moms had a fun time catching up.  We think we have the CUTEST kids around!  

visiting friends

The boys and I set out to see as many friends as we could the first week we were back.  On Monday we met Teresa and her four beautiful children at the park.  On Tuesday we surprised Ryan's best buddy Brady and went swimming and had Hawaiian Shaved Ice.  On Wednesday we had lunch with Miriam and her two cuties.  On Thursday we saw the Johnson kids and I went to lunch with my good friends Stacy, Tiffany, and Becky.  It sure was nice meeting up with everyone and catching up on their lives over the past year.  



7 Peaks

On Saturday we all went to Seven Peaks Water Park.  Jess & Cole, Karen & Chris, Marsha, Jean, and all of the kids enjoyed a really fun day at the water park. I really love going to Seven Peaks with my cousins because we all enjoyed it so much as kids and now we're taking our own kids to enjoy it too.  Ah, the circle of life!  

Museum of Natural Curiosity

Our first week back in Utah was full of fun, family, and friends.  After all of the wedding festivities, we had a couple of days with our cousins from California and Texas.  On Friday we decided to go see the new museum at Thanksgiving Pointe called the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  Apparently it just opened.  Luckily for us, we had a Science Center pass that gave us free admission- score!
 The museum was VERY crowded on a Friday in summer but the kids had a great time.  Jess & I took our 2 kids.  Karen and Marsha had their 3 each, we had cousin Kody too and Karen's husband Chris.  We were quite the large group.

Wedding Reception

Justin & Jenessa's wedding reception was held at the McMullin Mansion in South Jordan.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  They had a fun reception with all of the essentials.  They had a beautiful cake, a photo booth, a reception line, dancing, ice cream & crepes. We're so happy for Justin and we can't wait to get to know our Aunt Jenessa better.