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Utah Lake

Saturday morning Justin took Ryan, Dad, and I out on his fishing boat. It was really a lot of fun. We just drove around for a little ride. Afer about 5 minutes Ryan fell asleep. We had a great time and I think Dad is convinced he's going to buya ski boat. Fine by me, I'll be out there every weekend.
Thanks for the ride Justin!

Before we got on the boat Justin's pull-start cord broke so we had to wait a while for him to fix it.

There was another family who was waiting on a battery for their boat. Ryan jumped into their boat and was driving it with his feet. They were a family of three little boys so they didn't mind his friendly visit.

the Clegg Family Annual Reunion

This year our Reunion was in Utah. Evelyn was in charge and we had it in Lehi at the Willows campground. It was a fun time and here are some of the highlights. The above video is one of two from the Diet Coke game that Sheri had us play. Kind of fun.

The guys & Kimmy were playing football once it was cool enough to be out in the open. The rest of the time we were hiding in the shade. HOT!!

Ryan had a blast at the reunion. Whenever mommy says no, just go ask someone else. With 111 relatives in attendance, someone was bound to say yes.

One fun part of the reunion was cooking the potatoes for Saturday night dinner. We had quite the assembly line going. Here it is- somehow ended up in reverse order.

Troy & Justin use the salad shooter to chop the potatoes
JoAnna & Jean put the casseroles together in the dutch ovens
Jan, Kimmy & me cut the potatoes so they'll fit into the salad shooter
Linda washes the potatoes
Stacey, Bonnie, Cheryl & Allie (from the Cheryl link)

7 Peaks

Seven Peaks Water Park

Going to Seven Peaks in Provo on the first day of the Clegg Family reunion is becoming somewhat of a tradition for our family. Usually it's just my part of the larger family that goes. This year the reunion was pretty small and not a whole lot of people came. Our Seven Peaks crowd was also very small. There were Ryan, me, my Dad, Justin and Kimmy. We had a really good time though. It was nice that there were only a few of us because we rarely lost each other. Kimmy and Justin spent a lot of time on the bigger slides together. Dad hung out with Ryan and I most of the day just doing the baby stuff. This was Ryan's first time at Seven Peaks and he really enjoyed it. He loved the lazy river and I did take him on one water slide with me and he really had a great time. When he saw Grandpa coming down after we did, he was absolutely giddy. Overall, Seven Peaks was a really great day. Thanks for coming with us everyone!

Visit to Vegas

On our way back from California, we stopped for a visit with our friends Brandon & Tashina who live in Las Vegas. It was really nice to break up the 12 hour drive. Las Vegas was really hot as usual. We had a great time visiting. The boys got lots of video gaming in and we also went for a trip around the strip. We ate at Cheesecake Factory (lunch prices are a must) and went to see the Bellagio fountain show. The next morning we left for home and finally returned to Utah later that evening.

This is Ryan in the Bellagio gardens.

At the gardens in the Bellagio, they have these roses growing in a snake shape. It is amazing to me how tight together they were growing, and how straight their stems were. This is a beautiful exhibit any time of the year and, it's totally free!
Colin, Ryan, and me in front of the water show.
All of us outside of Caesars
Brandon and Tashina, our resident LasVegan friends.

Jen & Tashina. She's so small she makes me look like a giant.
Ryan and Jen w…

best of So Cal

There is something about visiting Southern California that makes me want to be there all the time. I don't know if it's the fantastic weather, the smell of citrus, the feel of the sand between your feet, or the love of family, but I just love it there. Here are some of our favorite things from California.
Not sure how many times we ate at In-N-Out this trip, but it was more than once. Just can't get over those fresh ingredients. Back to the diet when we returned home though.

I think the thing Ryan will miss the most about being at Grandma and Grandpa's house is the "go-cart". From the moment he woke up in the morning to the moment he fell asleep at night, he was begging anyone and everyone for a ride on Grandpa's golf cart. When Brady or Delaney were around they also wanted to ride.
One of my favorite things to do in East County is visit my cousin Marsha at her flower shop. I love the atmosphere and someday I'm going to take an arranging class or some…