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Musical Informance: Evan's 1st Grade Class

Evan's class had their Musical Informance to show off their musical skills learned this year.   They danced, sang, and performed on musical instruments. 

I'm so proud of Evan.  He's a great student and loves learning.  He loves to be creative and this is true even for music.  This is another reason why we will miss our school next year! 

MacRitchie Field Trip with Ryan's Fourth Grade Class

Ryan's last field trip this year was to the MacRitchie Reservoir.  We went on a nature walk in the jungle and learned all about the plant and animals that live there.  We had a great guide who taught us all kinds of interesting things.  The jungle was nice and shady and although it was humid it wasn't too unbearably hot.  We saw lots on the field trip but I think the best is the monkeys! 

The reservoir is such a lovely place!

Easter 2015

We had a lovely Easter this year in Singapore.  We kicked off the festivities on Saturday morning with an egg hunt in the condo.  There was a large group of kids gathered that morning to hunt eggs!  

Evan found one in the knot of a tree! 

Comparing his loot with the others. 

On Sunday we had an Easter service (no General Conference for us until next weekend). 

I found the boys some new church clothes for Easter. I didn't do that last year because they were going to be in  Uncle Justin's wedding in June and my mom was buying them outfits. 

After church we went to dinner at our friends house.  I sure do love my Singapore friends.  Its's so nice to be able to gather together as friends when family is so far away.  The food was amazing!  The conversation was hilarious and overall a great time!  

After ANOTHER egg hunt the kids played some kind of betting game with their candy.  They were so excited, involved, and sugar-hyped that it was sure tricky getting them all to look at…


A Research Project by Evan Evan did some research about the hippopotamus for his first grade project.   He planned it all out at school, did his research, and decided how he'd make his diorama at home.  All I had to do was help him put the materials together.  

Evan did the typing and after we printed them out, he cut them and glued them onto the diorama.