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School Days

Ryan has been doing some really fun things at school lately so I thought I'd share those with some recent pictures!  These are a bit random but they all occurred in the past two months

I got to help out with the Mother Goose Olympics this week.  They've been studying Nursery Rhymes all month and they culminated with this gym activity.  There were six different stations to which the kids rotated.  I had Jack be Nimble where they jumped over "can"dlesticks, Humpty Dumpty, where they put together an egg puzzle, and Simple Simon where they raced with a pie tin on their heads.  It was a really chaotic day and the kids were especially wound up.  When they finally made it down to the gym, we'd gotten into about two rotations when the fire alarm went off.  It was actually a preschooler who was there with his mom helping with the event who pulled the alarm.  What a crazy day! The kids thought it was great fun though. 

Discovery Gateway

We took the kiddos to the Children's Museum at Discovery Gateway on President's Day.  We had a fun time but it was extremely crowded.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect while we were there but I heard it was a lot of fun.  I'd like to go back when it isn't so crowded so that I can let the boys be a little more free.  We were unable to let them out of our sight for half a second or we wouldn't be able to see where they were given the crowds.  There was plenty to do and see though and it was somewhat educational.  Definitely something we'll try again. 

I think Evan's favorite part was the water table.  He was getting soaking wet and would have loved to stay there all day long. 

Ryan's favorite part was the helicopter.  He was commanding all of the kids in the chopper and he totally thought he was in charge. He could have stayed THERE all day, but the rest of us were freezing outside.   

Crayon Craft

First of all, I am really, really bummed because I lost like 30 photos from this craft.  I'm not sure what happened to the settings on my camera but they were wrong and the pictures went black.  So... I deleted them thinking they were pictures of the boys painting from an earlier post (and upload to the computer).  I deleted almost all of the pictures and I of course, took pictures of the entire messy process.  Anyhow, this craft will not be repeated for quite some time but I'll let you know what the steps were and you'll just have to do the visualizing on you own.  So, I saw this on a crafting blog that I read and I thought it would be a perfect activity for a day when Ryan was off from school.  Valentine's Day was a furlough day so I picked that as our day to roll up our sleeves and really get down and dirty for this lovely craft.  It took well over an hour and was a fun activity for the boys.  I really quite enjoyed it as well.  I think I know what changes I'll …

Makeover: Bed Edition

I feel like it's pretty normal for me to blog about some kind of new bedding this time of year.  I guess it's my way of getting through the long, cold winters by bringing some color into my decor. 
A few weeks back I posted on facebook that my bed was broken.  We've had the same bed frame for a very long time and it was a hand-me-down at that.  I was a little bit glad inside when it broke because I realized I'd finally be getting a bed!  I've had my eye on this head and foot board at IKEA for about two years.  This year it dropped in price by like $100 so I knew this was the one that I wanted. 
Colin trusted me enough to send me shopping by myself.  I even loaded the thing into the car all by myself!  Colin put the whole thing together and I love it!  I love the way it looks and we already had the matching bedside tables and lamps.  Now all I needed was some really pretty bedding. 
Last year I bought this set from Kohl's but I ruined it in the washing machine t…

Valentine's Day

We had a really great Valentine's Day this year.  Ryan's school district had a furlough day so he got to stay home.  We made a whole day out of it and had a lot of fun together.  In the morning I woke up to a surprise left for me from Colin. I'd left him some cards and some chocolates too.  Then I packed the kids up and we went to the only-store-I'm-allowed-to-shop-at for treats to take Daddy at the office.  We also got him some lunch and headed downtown to surprise him. 
After that little excursion, we delivered some Valentines to Curen, Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Jessie.  My dad got me a gift card for a pound of chocolates at See's.  I'm pretty excited about that but have been dieting and haven't cashed it in yet. 
I brought the boys back home and we worked on a fun craft that I had planned for them.  It was a lot of fun and took up a lot of time so that helped to pass the day away.  The boys thought I was a genius for thinking of the craft but I have …