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Sprucewood Dance Festival 2013

One of my favorite traditions at Sprucewood is their annual Dance Festival in the spring.  Each grade performs a dance together for the parents.  It is always such a fun event with a wonderful sense of community.  This year was no exception.  All of the dances were really cute and performed so well by all of the students.

This year our school made their goal of raising $10,000 at the fun run.  As a prize, the students got to see their principals dressed up as gorillas for the day.  They thought that was HILARIOUS!  And I have to admit, I did too.  I'm glad we've got principals who are such good sports and will do crazy things to entertain the kids.  Even if it means throwing out their back in the process.

Final Preschool Field Trip

I was able to go with Evan on his last preschool field trip.  We went to the Children's gardens at Thanksgiving Pointe.  The weather was FANTASTIC and the kids had a lot of fun.  We got an incredible discount with the group but without it, I'm not sure that it would really be worth it.  There just wasn't too much to it.  I'd still love to see Tulip Festival one of these years.

Woman of Steel

This year I set a goal to complete two triathlons and one Tour de Cure.  Last weekend, I completed the first of those triathlons.  A good friend of mine, Lydia, has done the Woman of Steel Triathlon twice before and really wanted to do it with a friend this year.  Teresa and I wanted to do it with her but Teresa's schedule made it so that she decided to do the Splash and Sprint in Bountiful the week before. I was quite excited to participate in this all women's race.

The week leading up to the triathlon was wonderful, warm weather.  Then it decided to rain, and rain, and rain!  I was getting really bummed out about the weather and then I just decided that there wasn't anything I could do about it so I wasn't going to worry any more.

Friday I made this great list of things I'd need because I had to work that day and I was worried about being able to remember everything when it came time to pack up.  I followed my list and packed up my car and gym bag carefully.  I t…

Help Stop Diabetes

In 2 short weeks, my brother and I will be riding in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure.  We have been training hard for this 25 mile ride and we're pretty excited to do it together.  Thank you so much to everyone who has donated already.  We lack just a little more than $150 to reach our ultimate goal.  Please stop by and donate if you can!  Thanks so much!

Kindergarten Shots

Evan turned 5 back in March and is getting ready to go to Kindergarten in the fall.  I scheduled his appointment to have his immunizations this week.  He's now big enough to have his blood pressure and eye exam along with his height and weight check.  He's fallen a little bit on the height and weight as far as his percentile but he's still growing well.  He also had his Kindergarten shots.  It was kinda hard to watch but he was super brave and I took him for an ice cream cone afterward.  His poor little legs were super sore for a couple of days but now he's all done for a few years! He's really excited to be headed to Kindergarten in the fall! 

Real Salt Lake

Evan's soccer coach came across a really neat experience for the team to be escorted onto the soccer field at the beginning of a Real game.  I was super excited for this experience for them.  I've watched a FEW professional soccer games and I've always wondered why they walked out onto the field with KIDS at the beginning of the games.  But when my kids were given that opportunity, I thought it was awesome!  I guess it's sort of a sponsorship kind of thing, I'm still not totally sure.  So originally it was just going to be Evan's team walking out with the players, but not enough kids on his team wanted to do it so they asked if there were any other kids under 8 who could come.  I texted him back right away and let him know that Ryan would LOVE to go.  
When we got to the game, there were HUNDREDS of kids corralled into this thing.  I was wondering what on earth was going on.  We waited and waited and waited and all of the sudden our kids were whisked away to an…

Sandy City Soccer

The boys are doing so well with Soccer this year!  The weather at Saturday's games couldn't have been better.  Such a nice day!