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This is my hair.  I usually wear it something like this... Which is the exact same hairstyle I've had since Senior Year. Proof

Sometimes, I wear it down...
and sometimes it's in a pony tail
Sometimes it is short

getting a little creative with the regular 'do
I looked and looked and looked for that picture of me with the cute side pony and flower embellishment that my cousin Karen made, but couldn't find it anywhere. I guess I must have deleted it.

and once or twice a year I'll take the effort (yes, it's plenty) to straighten out those curls
I've highlighted it
and I've taken out the highlights (and not one single person noticed the change)

I do like my hair... but I'm not sure that what I do with it is the full potential, if you know what I mean.   If you had this head of hair, what would you do?  Or, what do you like that I have done? 

Evan Turns 3!

I think Evan was pretty excited to have his Birthday finally roll around.  He knew he wanted a super hero cake.  That's really all he asked for.  The super hero changed almost weekly until we settled on Super Man.  I was able to find him the perfect cake at the-only-store-I'm-allowed-to-shop at so that was really convenient.  We planned a party for the day before his Birthday since it fell on a Sunday and that's a really good day for the family to get together.  We had Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Cole, and Emry over to our house for pizza, cheesy bread, fruit, veggies, cake and ice cream.  We spent the whole weekend scrubbing the house and getting into trouble for any little (or big, or even enormous) messes which were made.  Then on Saturday we ran errands like mad getting the cake, pizza, balloons, and gifts ready for his celebrations.  The boys were so super naughty on Saturday that I was super relieved when Sunday ran so completely smoothly I couldnt' beli…

Sledding in March

I haven't ventured out this winter to take the boys sledding.  Probably because we haven't had much luck in the past.  My boys also haven't really asked me much about sledding.  I guess maybe they didn't know how much fun it could be.  Yesterday it rained all morning and afternoon.  By late afternoon the rain changed to snow, because of the rain and the wet conditions, this snow was extremely wet and heavy, not what we're usually used to.  Today was bright and sunny with temperatures in the high 30's.  I decided that it would be a good day to take the boys over to the local hill and sled for a while.  It was such a perfect activity for us this afternoon.  We all had a lot of fun.  We only stayed about twenty minutes but it was a nice way to get some activity in our day.  Can't wait for Spring and Summer and all of the park adventures that we get used to during the nicer weather.  Notice they don't even have their coats on.  They didn't really need t…