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Handwriting Analysis

I went to the most interesting conference a week ago. I am still bouncing the ideas around inside of my head. The conference was titled; "Effective Strategies for the Chronically Disruptive Student." And, if you've heard me say anything about my class this year, you know I needed to attend. Although the conference was not what I was expecting, it was very interesting and I've been contemplating the things I learned all week. I've also tried a few of the tricks we talked about.

One unique thing about the conference was that the presenter was a handwriting analyst in his spare time. He took a few minutes to analyze my handwriting at the end of the class and here are a few of the things he said to me.

- I am a collector, and I may someday want to collect antiques (I had never thought that would be me, but who knows...)
- I have a tendency to exaggerate (and I told him that Colin has dubbed me "queen of exaggeration")
- Something is bothering me (when is that n…

Big Golfer, Little Golfer


vroom vroom

Last weekend Justin came with Ryan and I down to Provo. We had some time so we went to the Provo Towne Center mall for a little shopping spree. Ryan was really good the whole time, so we gave him a ride on one of those coin-operated motorcycles. He loved it, as you can see by the expression on his face. He was a little small to hang on though.
I bought him the cutest Thomas the Train metal lunch box.


Well it is 11:40 and I am up in the middle of the night for the third night in a row. Each night this week, I've gone to bed with Colin at 10pm or so, and just lay awake thinking of everything. My head is like a spinning top and my thoughts just whirl around inside my head. I've also had another tension headache (like those I used to suffer from in college) for the last two weeks straight. The only cure is to get up, and go get something done.
I did yoga last Saturday morning and aside from the dumb sales guy hunting me down, and the sore body for the following three days, I'm really glad I went and am hoping I can continue to attend that class. I was by far the worst there and I'm hoping to improve, maybe even get back to the level I was at when we lived in Provo.

Last night I wrote my substitute plans for Friday. I'm going to a conference for the "chronically disruptive student". I hope it will be good, and I am hoping that there are strategies I'll …


We had a great Easter this year. Ryan actually started getting the hang of the egg hunt, so it was really cute to watch him. He's figured out the concept of "treats" (candy) a long time ago. Church was a nice fast & testimony meeting, and we didn't have to teach Sunday School this week, so it was great to have a break. After church Ryan and I went to the Grandparents house for more Easter fun. He did a little egg hunt there and I got some good pictures but they're on my Dad's camera, maybe someday I'll post them. He made quite a mess on the way home, and I've got to put those pictures on, you won't believe your eyes!

new plastic flatwear

I was given some plastic cups and bowls as a hand-me-down when I went away to college. We kept those same dishes when we got married. They were so old that they started shattering. So, we decided it was time to buy some new items. WalMart has this new Spring line out that I thought was so cute! We bought three cups and bowls in each color. Colin thought it was a bit much, but we use them a lot, and I think he's happy with the purchase. I think they are really pretty. I love the colors!

a day warm enough for shorts

We all wore shorts today. It has been really warm, and this Easter Break has been particularly nice weather. Ryan was too cute in his matching outfit, and the shoes go so well. We just had to take some pictures. I think he's getting skinny. He hasn't gained an ounce since he was 12 months, but I think he's gotten taller, so he's looking thin to me.

cut & color

the next day



Bruce's Birthday


Rocking Elephant

Nana & Grandad have a fun little rocking elephant from Asia. I think it is beautiful. Ryan had a fun time playing on it.