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Space Derby

Our boys built and raced rockets at the Cub Scout Rocket Derby.   It was a lot of fun to watch the boys figure out how to make their rockets go faster and faster.  Ryan and Evan were both able to take first in a couple of heats.  

Back to School 2016

On the last day of Ryan's band camp we were issued his schedule.  We went around after his  performance to find his locker and classes.  It's still really hard to believe that I have a child in Middle School!

After we went to see Ryan's classes, I thought we'd stop by Evan's NEW school too.   Unfortunately, they were prepping for the meet-the-teacher night on the day before school started so... we had to wait.  

 Meet the teacher night finally came and we got to see where Evan will spend his time in third grade.  His teacher seems really great and he's excited about heading to a new school.

 First Day of School, 2016.  Ryan, Grade 6.  Evan, Grade 3.

Nerf War Birthday Party

Ryan is 11!  We had a great time throwing him a Nerf War Birthday Party!