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culture shock... or sticker shock?

We had the rest of the weekend to explore Singapore a little bit and handle (or attempt to handle) a few other items of business.  It was fun walking around the city with the boys.  I love taking in a new environment.  It's like your senses are on high alert and you're more observant of the behaviors of others, as well as all of the sights and sounds to take in.  There are so many things about Singapore that are quite different from back home.  You can't help but compare them in your mind.  I think that's just human nature.  Especially when you're an adult who is used to one type of living for so long.  I think it is harder for adults to adapt to change.  The kids just roll with the punches.  
One thing we have definitely noticed is how EXPENSIVE everything is.  Singapore, being such a small island, with no agriculture presence is forced to import most all goods and products.  This makes everything so pricey.  I'm not used to paying $6 for a half gallon of mil…

school visit and more exploring

On our second day in Singapore, we had an orientation appointment at Singapore American School (SAS).  Colin and I were pretty nervous that the boys would behave well and make a good impression.  They were awesome and the school was SO AMAZING.  I've been in public education back at home since 2002.  To see the private school side, at an American International school was just so overwhelmingly awesome.  
They took us for a tour all around the Primary (K-2) and Intermediate (3-5) areas of the school.  We saw three music rooms, two science labs, an art room, two pools, and many classrooms and play areas.  This school is built as an educational utopia.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Evan will have a separate teacher for PE, art, music, Chinese, and character Ed.  He also is in a class of 22 (that's a firm cap) and they have a full-time aid.  
I got so overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and excitement that my kids get to experience such an amazing education in ou…

Jet lag and first day adventures

If you've ever traveled to a foregin country you know that the first few days it's a lot of taking it all in and exploring the new surroundings.  Our first couple of days in Singapore were full of those types of experiences.  I really wish I had written this a week ago becuase already the details are starting to fade.  
We arrived at midnight local time and made it to our hotel/ service appartment about an hour later.  The boys (all of them) were quite wide awake and ready to explore.  Unfortunatley, we had to wait until the rest of Singapore woke up.  By 4am I was ready for a nap.  I wish the rest of our family had done the same but I guess they weren't as tired (or smart) as I was.  
I woke up about two hours later or so.  We got dressed and went down to breakfast.  Our service apartment is basically a hotel with large rooms.  We get breakfast every week day, that's really nice!  It's a pretty good breakfast with a lot of food and a wide variety to choose from.�…

Journey to Singapore

We left for Singapore on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at about 8:30 am.  We had to return a rental car (super quick and easy at SLC int. FYI) before catching our 11:40 flight.  The boys were pretty excited.  Thanks to a blessing from Colin, I felt pretty calm about the whole thing and wasn't panicking or scared at all.  Dad and Jess (and Emry and Jax) helped drive us and all of our luggage to the air port.  All together we had 8 checked bags and 8 pieces of carry on luggage (3 rolling suit cases, 2 back packs, 2 lap top bags, and 1 purse) not including Evan's Build-a-Bear Monkey Tail.   We quickly returned our rental car and met Dad and the rest of our luggage at the curbside.  We loaded up two carts, and worked our way inside the airport.  We checked all of our bags and went through security. 

  I've got SLC int. down to a science when it comes to wearing an insulin pump.  But, I had never taken a year's worth of insulin across the world with me.  So, I was a little bit …

Ryan's Baptism

With special permission from the Stake Presidency, Ryan was baptized in Sandy, Utah on Saturday, August 24, 2013.  It was an amazing and special day.  I am so proud of Ryan and who he has become in the last 8 years.  He's such a great kid.  He has an amazing spirit.  He is sensitive, kind, funny, outgoing, and intelligent.  It amazes me to watch him learn and grow.  I'm so happy for his decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and be baptized.   His day was very special not only because we were able to baptize him before leaving for Singapore, but also because so many of our family members were able to converge in Utah at the same time.  Stuart and Brooke and their kids were in Utah between Singapore and China.  Erin, Bruce, and Karen were in Utah visiting after Erin's mission to Portugal and before returning to BYU Hawaii.  My family was all there and in attendance as well.   Because he had a baptism that wasn't with the Stake, we did the program our…