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May 2017

The Rest of May!
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Evan's Third Grade Program


May Scouts

We do a lot of scouting around here these days.  Evan is a Bear in the Cub Scouts.  I am the Cub Scout Committee Chair.  Ryan is in the 11 year old Scouting program.  And Colin helps out with the scouts in the Deacon group.  So... yeah, a lot of scouting.   Here are some of the things we did in May. 

This extremely talented woman presented some traditional music on authentic Japanese instruments for our May pack meeting. 

Eagle presentation at a Court of Honor 

Ryan earned his first three merit badges. 

Ensign Peak

Our friends came into town so we used the excuse to take a hike to Ensign Peak.  This short, steep hike has incredible views of our beautiful city. 

"July 26, 1847 two days after the Mormon pioneers entered this valley Brigham Young and party climbed to this point and with the aid of field glasses made a careful survey of the mountains, canyons, and streams.  In the group were Heber C. Kimball, Wilford Woodruff, George A. Smith, Ezra T. Benson, Willard Richards, Albert Carrington and William Clayton.  Wilford Woodruf, first to ascend the peak, suggested it was a fitting place "to set up an ensign" (Isaiah 11:12) .  It was then named Ensign Peak, subsequently the stars and stripes were raised here. "

Ryan's Spring Concert