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update on my hair

I was sick of my hair and wanted a change, remember?  I needed to dye it again and desperately wanted a new cut.  So, I decided to take about 6 inches off and went with a shorter, layered 'do.  I am really happy with it although it has taken me quite some time to find the right products to make it look nice. I've received many nice compliments on it though so that rocks!


It has been way too much fun having Ocean around to play!  My boys have really enjoyed having another cousin around and it's a bonus that he's a boy.  We haven't seen Maple and Brooke as much as Stuart and Ocean because of some of the trips they've taken.  I love having Ocean around to put Evan in his place a little bit. He definitely has that youngest child personality- not very good at sharing, jealous of my attention, etc.  They've fought a bit but we are enjoying the time we get with them because we know it will be too soon when they're off to the other side of the world again.  I love that Ocean gives me lots of loves and I've taught him to say, "I love you, Jen".  I'm going to miss that kid! 

We love you Ocean!  Don't go!

tee ball

This Spring we signed Ryan up for his first ever organized sports team.  We wanted to do soccer but all of his friends were interested in Tee Ball, so that's what we went with.  He was signed up through the local county teams.  There were a bunch of his friends from Church on his team and he really had a good time playing and practicing with them.  It was a great way to start off in sports because it was very non competitive.  They don't keep score and each inning is the whole line-up hitting the ball.  He learned to bat off the tee, throw to the proper base (sort of) and run around the bases.  It was very cute to watch!  Grandma, Grandma Veva, and Uncle Stuart were able to come to one of his last games and watch too so that made him feel pretty special.  They had picture day and he even got a trophy at the end.  Next, he's signed up for Soccer and I'm sure we'll do more swimming lessons this summer as well.     


Colin took some time off this week since Stuart was staying with us for a little while.  We took our boys over to one of our favorite parks and they all had a grand time!

For some dumb reason, the sprinklers came on while we were there.  But, the kids just went with it and started playing in the water. 

We think it's so funny how Evan sticks out his belly when he runs.