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Nana gave Ryan a zippity for Christmas. It's a Leapster video game that you play using your whole body. It's a little bit like Dance Dance Revolution meets Disney meets learning game. He loves it! His daddy couldn't be happier that he's starting to get into video games. Now I've got to monitor his daily amount of screen time. What is the guideline there?

Ryan Quotes 2010

Singing: we will, we will rock you…. Got mud on your face, big this grace, cannon ball in your face.

Ryan: Mommy, what’s a nightmare
Mommy: It’s a bad dreamRyan: Then why the heck is she saying “beautiful nightmare”? (lyrics to a song on the radio)
Mommy: finally actually listening to the lyrics in the song, I don’t know Ryan, that doesn’t make much sense does it?

Ryan: quoting some part from Kung Fu Panda then stopping to think about it a little more, Mommy, what’s a warrior?
Mommy: Well, it’s kind of like a soldier or a fighter.
Ryan: Oh like a guy who fights the bad guys. Mommy, is daddy a soldier? Mommy: NoRyan: Well, he can shoot the bad guys with his gun, right?

Colin bought two Nerf swords on our weekly WalMart trip this Saturday. Ryan had been chewing on his sword and there were teeth marks on it.

Ryan: Daddy, this one’s Evans (Shows him the one with bite marks)
Daddy: No, this is the one with the bite marks on it, you were chewing your sword…
I bought Ryan a stuffed bear, a Skippy John Jones book and audio CD.

and a card too. He loved them and was excited to read his book right away.

I bought Evan the same stuff. I've learned that there are many fights avoided if I get them the exact same thing.

I got slightly different colored bears and a different book the series for each boy.

The boys got their daddy a video game and some chocolates.

I got Colin some new dress shirts for work and a couple of ties to match. I didn't take a picture but they're really pretty spring colors and he'll look nice in them.

Colin got me some flowers, chocolates and a card too. He also got me a new DVR and a blurb book that I got a little earlier.
The flowers are so beautiful and smell so nicely. I find myself just walking by them to smell them. I also love to watch how they change, I think roses get more beautiful each day as they open up.

My dad also surprised me on Saturday morning with some flowers. I was in the shower …

Just a little more about Evan

Did you know he'll be two in a month?
Oh my!
Evan is pretty much hit the terrible two phase head-on. He was basically a brat all weekend.

But, we still love him. Why? Well, can you just look at that face and tell me he isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen in your whole life!

I love this little guy.

Evan has been doing some of the funniest things lately. I devoted a whole post to it earlier and I apologize that there weren't any pictures, but this is my third post for today, so these pictures will just have to tide you over.

One more funny thing that Evan's been up to is whenever he asks for more recently, he only says it in Spanish: mas. I do not know where he learned how to say this, Grandpa thinks it is from TV. As my own little two year old couch potato, this kid watches more TV and movies than I'd ever care to in a given day, Grandpa's probably right.

Well, we're as busy as ever and the next few weeks, or possibly months even are going to be abs…

New Beds

These pictures are in the exact opposite order I wanted them in. But too late, I'm not going to change it now!

I bought myself some new bedding this weekend. I've always had white or blue. I'm branching out here with the teal and cream. We are liking it so far!
What do you think?

Evan got a new bed too! We got him the same one as Ryan. I posted earlier that he was transitioning to the toddler bed. I really had just taken the front side off of his crib. Now that we've purchased our second Cars bed, he's been a little easier at bedtime, and he even took two weekend naps in it! Amazing.

I decided to rearrange the boys room when we took out the crib. I put the beds together thinking that maybe it would help Evan at bedtime since he'd be closer to his big brother. I was right and it has worked pretty well.

Evan's baby

Evan has had another phase, stuffies. He loves to cuddle and wrap his stuffies in blankies. He sometimes calls them his babies. He was playing with this cute puppy that the Easter Bunny brought him last year. He decided the puppy also needed a baba, so he let him take a drink too! This was one moment of cute in a weekend of crying and fussing. Wonder if he has an ear-ache or something.
Love you E!