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Easter Sunday

I love buying new Sunday clothes for my boys at Easter and Christmastime.  Dress clothes are hard to find for boys any other time of the year, so I just wait until then.  They usually need new stuff every 6 months anyway.  I got these outfits at Carters.  I wasn't overly thrilled with the selection but I think they look nice.  I like how Evan looks in orange.  The boys were less than cooperative during our before-Church photo session but, oh well!

Easter Baskets

 Playing with bubble guns

Egg Hunts Galore

Ryan and Evan ended up doing three Easter Egg hunts this year.  It was so crazy that we just forgot the dying of eggs all together.  I've clumped the three hunts into one post so you only have to suffer through my pictures once. 

Stuart and Brooke are in the States for the summer between their posts in China and Singapore.  It has been really amazing to have Ocean and Maple around, I've been loving on them lots!  The boys are super excited to have another cousin around, and I don't think they've even notice Maple's existence yet. 

Brooke's family invited us to the Thanksgiving Point Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning.  I had another commitment so Colin took the boys and met up with them there.  They said that it was kind of lame overall because there were so many people there.  The boys seemed to have enjoyed themselves anyhow. 

Ocean riding on Ryan's shoulders The boys riding around Stuart and Colin

Salt Lake 5K

On New Year's Day I walked a 5K with my mom in Draper.  While everyone was busy setting their resolutions for the year, I hadn't really thought about it much until New Year's Day came around.  On that day, I decided that I'd RUN my next 5K.  I figured it would take me a whole year to achieve this goal, and that in 2012 I'd look back on the year and be so proud to RUN the New Year's Day 5K

Sometime in February a friend of mine suggested that we do a 5K together.  We looked at the Salt Lake 5K, to take place in April.  It is in conjunction with the Salt Lake Marathon as well as a half marathon, a bike tour, and a kid's 1K.  As we looked at the calendar, it was about 13 weeks away.  I found the Couch to 5K program online and it was only an 11 week thing.  I figured it was a perfect fit.  So we signed ourselves up.  I decided to try the Couch to 5K program because although I wasn't exactly sitting on the couch, I had NEVER EVER been a runner in all my l…