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Last day of Preschool

Ryan's last day of preschool was this week. His teacher, Miss LaDawn, invited the parents to attend. They did a little program at the beginning and then we went outside in her beautiful property and had some snacks and the kids played on the trampoline and playset. It was a nice morning and I'm so glad that I decided to take the morning off and go. I think Ryan was glad that we came too. Evan was very well behaved, what a blessing!
This is Ryan and his teacher inside of their classroom.

This is Ryan and his two best buddies, Isaac and Curen. Isaac and Curen will be together for Kindergarten at a different Elementary School. It will be hard for them to be apart, but it will also be really good for Ryan I think. Ryan does have friends in our neighborhood that I think he'll like being in class with.

So for their program they did two numbers. The first was a choral reading and I wish I knew the title of the book. Anyway, they were so super cute and really well disciplined too…

Mother's Day '10

Things I love about my Mother:

She always supported me growing up in all of the hobbies and sports that I was involved in. She never missed a swim meet, drove us countless hours to dance practices and recitals, and was our number one fan.

She is always there to listen when I need someone to complain to.

She is an amazing grandma and does lots and lots of babysitting for us.

She taught me how to cook. My mom is an amazing cook, I'm not nearly as good as her but what I do know, she taught me.

She taught me to love being a woman. She knows so many things every woman should know how to do, and some stuff that is more manly. She's the best sprinkler person there is, just ask her!

What I love about being a mother: When the boys say "I Love You, Mommy". When my boys talk just like I do. Ha ha! Sometimes I have to watch the way I say things because you know that they're listening when they use the same tone or inflection on a phrase commonly used. That I get to ra…

Mom's Graduation

My mom graduated from Phoenix University with a bachelor of science in business managment. We were all so proud of her. She worked so hard to get her degree. She is amazing! We love her.