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Full Moon

These are my attempts at being a good photographer.  Ha ha, what a joke!  


Uncle Stuart bought the boys some Lego Ninjago sets for Christmas and they were very excited to put them together and play with them.  We've been tripping over the pieces and rescuing them from the fate of the vacuum ever since.  Daddy and I "helped" (read did it all) put together these two vehicles for the boys.  They lasted about an hour or two before they were basically in pieces again.  Anyway, they had fun playing with them for a while and I was glad I took some pictures while they were still intact.  

2011 in Review

I suppose I'm a couple of days late on this post... but I wanted to show you a quick review of what we were up to in 2011. It was really a great year, we can't complain. We had an amazing year full of tons of fun things; a few vacations, some visitors, and the Holidays have been great. We are really looking forward to 2012. We think that there will probably be some changes going on in our lives and in our family. You'll have to keep reading our blog to find out what those might be! Love you all, thanks for reading! Jen