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Birthday Party Fun!

Ryan turns 10 this week.  We grabbed his cousins and his best buddy and had a little party!  

 Then we went to our house for cake and ice cream and presents!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!  

Back to School

2015-2016 School Year has officially begun!  Ryan is in 5th Grade and Evan is in 2nd!  We hope this year will be a great one!  

Ahh... Summer!

Summer of 2015 has sure been a busy one for our little family.  These photos are in a totally random order and I've probably already posted half of them already.  But.. this has been our summer.  School is officially back in session for the boys and so now we're really getting into the routine of life back in Utah.  So far, we're doing great.  There have been some adjustments to make and I'm definitely not feeling settled yet.  But.. I'm getting there.  It feels painfully slow but I'm not exactly the most patient of people.  It's been a lovely summer and we are so blessed.