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Auto Show

We figured a good family outing on MLK Jr. Day was a trip to the Auto Expo.  So, we took the boys over and I'm glad we did, because they really enjoyed it.  Colin and I checked out a lot of really nice cars too, some practical, and other pipe dreams.  We will not be in the market for a new car any time soon, but it's fun to check them out without the hassle of a dealership.  The boys thought it was really great to get inside and "drive" the cars, I think they were more impressed with the vibrant colors and shiny paint jobs than the actual cars though. 

There was a wonderful area set up for the kiddies.  There were play sets, games and crazy carts.  I wish we had spent a little more time there (other than just waiting in line for a balloon gun that would inevitably pop within a half hour) but we were quite hungry and ready for some lunch by then.


The boys and I have had a rough week.  They have been super sick all week and I've been in a definite funk.  Yesterday I decided that painting would be a good way to brighten up our gloomy, cold, gray, January week.  The boys really like to do crafts and homework and such, I enjoy it too and I think I always have, I'm glad it's something we can do together for fun, even if I have to do all of the cleaning up at the end. 

 I think this is a picture of me in a rain storm. 
 Notice mine has a huge sun since we haven't seen Mr. Golden Sunshine in W-E-E-K-S!
I didn't ask Evan what his is.  But, he intended on painting a tree, so that's probably what it is.  Jess, don't you think it looks just like the pumpkin he painted?  LOL!

New Year's Day 5K

So I got this crazy idea that my mom and I should do a 5K on January 1st.  Draper City was doing their firs t annual New Year's Day 5K.  So, we signed up.  My mom and I are not runners.  We did not run it.  It was advertised as a walk, run, stroll, etc. event.  So, this is really something we do pretty much once a week, even on the same trail.  It was the Porter Rockwell trail down in Draper.  I'm not sure why but the night before and morning of I was pretty nervous. I guess that's just because I'd never done one before.  I wasn't really hesitant about just walking but afterward I felt a little silly that we were really only amongst a few who walked the entire way.  So, I set a goal that next year I'll run it.  I hate running.  Hate it, a lot!  But, I guess I'd like to learn how to run and really give it a go more this year.  I know that with my feet the way they are (plantar facitis) that it will be hard, but I'm hoping that I'm about done with pf …

one more from Maryland

This is my family.  They are all crazy, goofy, wild, and obnoxious.  I love them dearly.  Enjoy!

 That's me enjoying a massage on Nana's shiatsu foot massager and Evan stealing a drink from my diet coke. 

 This is a cute one!
 Aw!  The boys totally loved hanging out with Aunt Erin and she was really great to spoil them while they were together.