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Our New Home

We moved to our new house at the beginning of this month.  Things have been pretty crazy  in our household for several weeks and I feel like I'm finally starting to catch my breath only to find myself coughing with a Spring cold.  But we have many blessings and are grateful for them all; I cannot complain.   It has been a long-time dream of mine to buy a home and settle down.  The timing wasn't right for us until early this year.  We finally decided, after 10 years of living together in Utah, that this is the place we'll stay.  When we make a decision, we move fast.  We started looking for houses after Valentine's day and within the first 6 days had made 3 different offers.  Our third offer was accepted and we closed escrow 16 short days later.  Wee moved in the same day we closed; March 3rd.  It was quite a whirlwind of paper work, moving boxes, and heavy lifting but alas, we are HOME! 
 We really love our new house and neighborhood.  Everyone we meet here tells us t…

Evan's Birthday

Evan turned 4 on March 14th.  We had a party for him at Chuck-E-Cheese's.  Before this party, we celebrated with the Dean's while they were here.  We also had cake and dinner with the McNew's the Sunday after his birthday.  On his actual birthday, I had to work and he had to go to the sitter so I took some time to make that morning special for him.  The night before his birthday, Colin and I filled up balloons and covered his bedroom floor with them.  I also hung streamers in his doorway, a banner in the kitchen, and put a center piece on the table.  I think he had a great Birthday and felt sufficiently spoiled.  Thank you to all that made his day special.