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Beach Day at La Jolla Shores

We had an extra day in California after the reunion was finished.  We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house in El Cajon and hung out during the day.  We did a few preparations for the drive home and then we decided to go take Jax to see the ocean.  It was a fun, spontaneous beach trip.  
 Evan picking oranges in Grandpa Ed's orchard.
 Grandma Veva's plumeria bush is so huge!  The flowers were all perfectly in bloom.

 Her hibiscus tree looked just as good.
 Now that we have In N Out in Utah, I had to stop for a Jack in the Box taco.  SO YUMMY.  Whatever that "meat" is...
 Katie and Evan at LaJolla shores.

 Jax, "dipping his toe in the Pacific O" as Jess says.

 So we left late in the day.  It was overcast, and a little rainy.  So, I didn't bring the boys swim suits.  Well, the water was warm and Evan could care less.  He jumped right in and got all wet and sandy.

Clegg Reunion 2013: Santee Lakes

This year the Clegg Family Reunion was held at the Santee Lakes campground in Santee, California.  We had SUCH a good time.  I know I probably say that about everywhere we go, but we seriously had the greatest time.  It was just enough activity mixed with just enough relaxation and a little bit roughing it and mostly a nice camp ground.   We  had about 95 people in attendance and it was so nice to see everyone.  Especially since we're moving soon, I was glad to have the opportunity to go.   Ryan of course skinned his elbow as soon as I unpacked his bike.  This was literally like 10 minutes after we arrived.  
 One of the highlights of the trip were the paddle boats.  Even the kids were tall enough to paddle around the lake.  This is Lathan, Evan, Brady, Ryan, Kali, and Delaney.

 Me and my boys on the boats.

Troy, Michelle, Linda and I on the paddle boats.  This day we got the Kayak out and let the kids ride around the lake in them... until we got kicked out for having personal b…