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Last time EVER

Today marks my last day EVER that I will be off-track :(

I've really been quite okay with the fact that my school will be switching to a traditional schedule next year, but now that I'm off-track I realize that I'm really going to miss my breaks.

This has been a good break but it has been WAY TOO SHORT. We only got two weeks off-track and because I have to work the last day I'm off-track I technically only had a 9 day break. 13 days if you count weekends. That. Is. All. Definitely not long enough.

I go back for the longest haul of the year. 9 weeks in a row usually isn't bad but when you teach from May 4 to July 2, it's kind of a big deal. The kids will do well until testing is over, if I am lucky, and then it's a cat-and-mouse game trying to convince the students to behave and perform well when they come to school. Luckily, we'll be doing some really fun projects and going on some fun field trips so hopefully we'll all survive the 9 weeks.

I had some f…

Day at the Beach

The day before we left California, we decided to go to the beach. For some strange reason, the weather was unusually HOT, I mean it had been above 90 degrees for three days in a row. I left Utah the week after straight 35 degree weather. I packed no shorts or Capri's for myself. I packed long-sleeved T-shirts and pants for the boys, I packed VERY warm "Utah Jammies" for them as well. I brought sweaters and sweatshirts. I did bring some shorts for the boys, thank goodness. Anyway, I was ill-prepared for 98 degrees. Anyhow, I called my cousin's wife Tessa and asked if she wanted to hang out. She has a boy named Brady who just three months older than Ryan. They had not really gotten a chance to play together so I was thinking we should do something before we left. She suggested going to the beach. As I said, I wasn't prepared for the hot weather, let alone the beach. But, one quick trip to the Wal Mart and I was all set. We had a great day at LaJolla shores. It was …

60th Wedding Anniversary

My Grandparents; Edwin & Veva Clegg on their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

My Grandparents were celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary this April. It jus so happened that I was tracking off on the day before their party, so for me the timing couldn't have been better. Ryan rode down in the car with my parents and little brother on Thursday night. I worked all day on Friday and Jess drove Evan and I to the airport that evening. Friday night we had the party! It was a lot of fun and I was glad that I got to go. The only grandchildren that weren't able to come were my sister, Jess and Mikey. Jess had Emry just a few weeks previous and Emry was still on oxygen, not to mention only a couple of weeks old. Mikey had previous plans to attend a race.
The party turned out really nice. Marsha and Jean did the flowers for the tables. The food was catered by a local taco shop. Mike & Robin did the drinks. Michelle and I helped put the video montage together. A few of us…