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the park

Ryan loves to go over to our little park and play on the slides.

It's right on the golf course, and this day we found two golf balls.

Here he is getting ready to throw the golf ball.

He was watching Colin juggle the golf balls, and gave it a shot himself. It was so cute, he just held both of them in either hand and raised his arms up and down.

Colin showing Ryan how to juggle.


Ryan loves to drink juice. He always asks for it when he is thirsty. I think apple is his favorite.

big shoes to fill


Argh, the stress!

School will be out in two days and I honestly cannot wait. It has really been a great last three weeks of school but this week has been so stressful that I haven't slept any night so far. Two more days, two more days, two more days! We had our portfolio night tonight and the kids really did an excellent job showing off what they have learned throughout the year with thier parents. I had a great time chit-chatting with them all as well. I thought it was a great way to celebrate everything they've learned this year. I will be sad to see this group move on, but I am also very, very releived that the year is over. It has been another year of adjustment and change for me, and I suppose next year may be the same way as well. We are getting two new teachers on our team, loosing one, and a new principal is coming to our school also. This will be four principals in five years for me, and that's sort of difficult. I am really looking forward to working only part-time next year and I…



Goldman Sachs Barbeque at Millcreek Canyon


Ryan's camping trip