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Ryan's first Late-night

Ryan had his first "late-night", as they call them here in Utah, with his friend Curen. He was hoping to have his good friend Charlie come over too, but he was sick. We ate pizza and Ice cream, made sugar cookies and let the boys run around being crazy. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for coming over, Curen! cheese-balls
Ryan & Curen making sugar cookies

Ry with a whistle in his mouth
Curen showing off his noise-maker

Evan's 1st Birthday

Evan turned ONE on Saturday. We kept things pretty low-key for Evan's Birthday, but had fun nonetheless. Aunt Katie came over for cupcakes and dinner. We sang him, "Happy Birthday", and let him eat his three cupcakes, yes this kid can eat! He got a card in the mail from Nana and Grandpa Bruce. Grandma and Grandpa stopped by with some Tonka trucks and a swimming set for him as well. That was pretty much it. Today Jess gave him Pinocchio on DVD and we had some more cupcakes at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Evan is a ton of fun to have in our family. He's gaining quite the personality and keeps us all pretty well entertained. He's walking everywhere now-a-days. He loves to chase Ryan around wherever he's running off to at the moment. Recently, he's into cell-phones. He'll pick one up and hold it up to his ear and just jabber away like he's having a conversation with someone. He's learning a few little words. He can say baba= bottle, Dada,…


Evan is officially walking. It isn't his only mode of transportation at the moment, but he is preffering it more and more. It is so fun to see him stick his arms up high for balance. He laughs and smiles when he reaches his destination. Can't believe this little guy turns one in less than a week!

The New House

The only way I've been able to actually post this week is that I've set my posts to schedule a few days in advance. So that's my secret. I've been absolutely SWAMPED this week with work and trying to get the house done. I'm barely getting things done around here.
Here are some pictures of the new house interior. On moving day, Katie and I were waiting for the Comcast guy and had some time while the house was empty, so we ran around taking pictures. No furniture or decorations, just the bare walls. And occasionally a head or more of Ryan who followed us around the house.

The formal living room (entrance to house).

The house is a multi-level so here is one set of stairs, leading from the dining room/formal living to the upstairs.

Looking down at the kitchen and dining room.
Dining room.
Main bathroom.
Bedroom #1, to be used as an office.
Bedroom #2, to be used as a boy's bedroom.
Master bedroom.
Master bathroom.
Stairs to family room/ garage entrance.
Family r…

Moving Day

Moving day started out pretty early. Colin woke up at 7 am and got showered and ready to go. He headed out for McDonald's breakfast because we have no food in our house. By 8 am he was out the door for the moving van and his buddies showed up at 9. Our first load arrived at the new house by 10:30. We worked pretty hard all day long and had to do two loads in a 26 foot truck! The second load wasn't full by any means but we weren't able to fit it all in one load. We picked up the new dining room set and Colin even put it together the first night! There are boxes everywhere and we're exhausted but we're still really excited to have so much space. The house feels even bigger than I thought it was now that we're here. Big thanks to Jeff, Dom, Matt and Katie for all of their help this weekend. No way we could have done it without you! The boys messing around in the new kitchen.
Evan crawling around.

Me and the boys in the back yard!

The moving van in front of the…