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Second, First day of Preschool

Ryan started his second year of preschool on August 17, 2009. He is going to a preschool at an in-home facility. His teacher, Ms. LaDawn, has the coolest set-up ever. She has a nice piece of land and on it is her own school-house. It is so cute! I love the way she has it painted; inside and out. The school-house is decorated and organized so well. She's got quite the system for the kiddos too. Ryan seems to be liking his preschool class this year. He goes with his two buddies Curen and Isaac. Here they are on the first day of school.

Ryan's Cars backpack. He still loves Lightening McQueen and just HAD to have this backpack when he saw it this summer. What can I say, I gave in.

Colin had the week off when Ryan started preschool so he got to pose with his little guy on his first day of preschool.
Mommy & Ryan posing on the first day of school.
Ms. LaDawn's school house.

She had some puzzles all set out for the kids to play with when they arrived at school.
Curen also got …

Utah Olympic Park

While everyone was out here this summer, I decided to put those awesome vouchers I got on a field trip to the Utah Olympic Park to good use. We had a voucher good for three rides on the zip line at the Oly park. It is one of the world's steepest zip lines and is over 1400 feet long! I was dying to try it out because it seems like I was pregnant the last two times I got the voucher. Each ride is $20 so it was a $60 value! And, it was one of my favorite field trips.
Colin and I love to shop in Park City too. So, Colin, the boys, Bruce, Katie, Erin and I all headed up to Park City for the day.
We did the Outlet malls and got a few things for back-to-school. Then after that we headed over to the Oly park. We headed over to the zip line and had a total blast. I did at least. I was so excited to finally ride the zip line. I was really nervous too because after I fell in the Dominican Republic, I became a little afraid of heights. Colin, Erin, Katie and I were all able to ride the zip line…

Kirtland's Wedding

My cousin Kirtland got married this summer. He had a beautiful reception in Syracuse that we were able to attend. It was really great to see my cousins Kirtland, Sarah, and Emily and my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gregg.
Sarah's little girl Cameron.

Gregg's little boy.


The cake. Such a cute idea to put a fountain in the bottom of it. I couldn't figure out how the cake was supporting the weight of the glass and water, but it sure looked neat.
Emily, Sarah, Evan, Me, Jess, Emry
Kirtland and his new wife

Charlie's Birthday

Charlie invited Ryan to join him and his friends and family at Jump it Up for his Birthday party. We had a lot of fun playing on all of the trampolines.

pictures at the park

So I decided to take my camera for a spin at the park. I took about 250 pictures so be glad that I was able to make myself delete a few of those for this post. So far I'm really liking how quickly I can take shots of my fast moving boys.