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Provo City Center Temple Open House

While the boys were out of school one Friday I took them to see the Provo City Center temple open house.  This temple is really stunning.  The building was a tabernacle and it burned badly in December of 2010.  The Church decided to restore the building and make it a temple.  The furnishings and finishings are just elegant.  We had a fun time.  I was grateful to the older gentlemen who told me that my kids looked nice dressed up.  His wife told me they're handsome.  I knew that but it was nice to hear.  And I suppose they were behaving too because I doubt I'd been offered those compliments.  

Blue and Gold Carnival

Our Cub Scouts Blue and Gold banquet this year was a carnival.  I've never attended one, let alone put one on so it was a total baptism by fire situation.  I had a lot of fun with this theme and with a lot of help from my friends and my amazing committee we were able to pull off a great night.   Our Wolves had to do some carnival games for one of their badges and so we made our theme for blue and gold carnival.  The boys and their leaders did a wonderful job with their games.  All of the cub scouts and their siblings had a blast playing games. We had hamburgers for dinner and there was lots of popcorn too!  

Ski Day 3

The boys have like three Fridays and a Monday off this month so we thought we'd take advantage of the schedule and take go skiing as a family.  Colin got work off and we hit the slopes.  We're feeling pretty good on the slopes now.  The boys have been three times this year and once before and it is really amazing how quickly they pick it up.  I'm sorry if I say that every time.  
Friday was a beautiful day for skiing.  It was COLD, about 18 degrees, but it was sunny and there weren't very many people at the resort.  
We tried some harder runs this time and although there was some grumbling, but overall we did well with the difficulty. 
I was having kind of a rough day with my blood sugars.  It's always frustrating when that happens, but by mid-day I had figured it out and was hitting my grove.  I'm glad I stuck it out, but I'm also glad I know how to listen to my body and know when things aren't right.  

Treating my low (LOW) blood sugar with a hot cho…