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Family Photo Shot

We tried to get a picture of all of us together while we met at Rita's house. I would say that we were somewhat successful. Stuart and Colin weren't really into taking pictures and of course Ryan doesn't hold still very well. But, at least we got the pictures.

Thanksgiving at Rita Neslon's house

This year we ate Thanksgiving dinner at Rita Nelson's house in Spanish Fork , UT. She had most of the Dean family over to her house. Colin, Ryan and I. Katie and Erin. Stuart and Brooke had dinner at her parent's house in Provo so we met up later in the day and throughout the weekend. Rita and her two boys Alex and Rob were there as well as Rita's mother -in-law and friend. We all had a lovely time and it was great to be around such good friends at this special time of the year.

BYU vs. New Mexico

This is us at the New Mexico game in Provo. For me and Ryan it was our second attended game of the season. Colin 's third and Katie and Erin's first. We had a lot of fun cheering on our cougars for the 42-17 win. This game also sealed the Mountain West Championship for BYU and secured the Las Vegas Bowl for December 21st. The three of us in our matching shirts.

Erin, Ryan, and Katie Dean at the football game!

The fans rushing the field after the game. The officals and authorities at the game were really mad that everyone rushed onto the field. They kept announcing that everyone had to clear the field before they could start the awards ceremonies. We have pretty mild fans, although they are quite loyal.

Go Cougars! Beat the Utes this Saturday.

Halloween at School


Our Little Monkey

Ryan was a Monkey for Halloween this year.
I was a frog and Colin was a gangster.
We took Ryan to my school parade and also up to Goldman for their office trick-or-treat.