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Precious Moments

Colin and I don't get a whole lot of time with our boys. During the week we see them for a few hours each night before they have to go off to bed. Colin and the boys love to play this game where they get on his back and he screams "aaaarrrr" like he's some kind of monster. They just love it, and all of the other games he plays with them. It's pretty rough play so I'm usually just watching and laughing. I caution them a lot but we haven't had any stitches or broken bones yet (knock on wood) so I guess they're okay.

The boys each have a set of "super hero" jammies. They are the first ones they wear each week. They just can't wait to put them on. Ryan loves to play super heroes and usually chooses Iron Man, Super Man, or Spider Man. Evan usually has to be a bad guy. Daddy likes to be Wolverine and I'm either Poison Ivy, Nice Poison Ivy, or Cat Woman. He is so funny!

Ryan got an awesome tool set from his girlfriend Rylee for…




Evan is in to the strangest little phase. He prefers ONE shoe on. He likes having his shoes on, I think because he knows that means we're going somewhere. However, I'll put both shoes on him and before you know it, he's got one shoe off. I took some pictures to prove it to you. Each one was taken on a different day and I think a different pair of shoes even. What a funny little guy. He's 18 months old today!
This is Evan right before nap-time (can you see it on his face?) wearing his Thomas the train tennis shoes.

This is Evan wearing his cute little Converse on our way to the Hobble Creek campground.
Notice he's holding the other shoe in his hand.

This is Evan wearing his Nerf sandals. I think these might be his favorite shoes but it's hard to say. He does love them all. Aren't his chubby little legs so cute?

This is Evan on Sunday. Pretty sure this was right before church because of course he won't keep them on long enough for us to get out th…

Hobble Creek

Last weekend we took one last Summer fling and went camping at Hobble Creek. I took the boys and went with my parents. We had an okay time but I got sick on Monday and we had to bust outta there and run to the doctor's office. I think the boys had a fun time and my parents seemed to enjoy themselves as well.
Camping Gear + Kid's Gear
+ Two Car seats = I need an SUV. But I'm willing to wait until I have a mortgage.

Evan jumps in the stroller because he knows it's time for a walk.

Grandpa teaching Ryan how to build a wood tee pee for making fires.

Grandpa supervising the boys around the campfire. Evan only fell into the fire pit once. Luckily the fire wasn't actually going and I did catch him before he was down in there too far.

Ryan chillin by the campfire.
Evan chillin at the campsite. Ryan says "camp-set".
This is our little tent. I like the big one a lot more and so does Ryan, he informed me, but it worked well with just the three of us. …

Ryan turns 4

Ryan turned four this summer! He's getting so big and learning to be more independent. He loves to learn new things and has gotten in to some older types of toys and ways of playing as well.
I've never thrown Ryan a real Birthday Party so I decided that he was plenty big enough and that I'd do it this summer. It was really nice because I was able to do most of the planning and preparation before I had to back to work.
Ryan helped with the whole process. He got to choose who to invite, what kind of party it would be, where it would be at, what they would do. He even helped me with the invitations and soon he'll be helping with the Thank-you cards.
I took a lot of pictures and had a hard time leaving many of them out, so enjoy the post because there are a lot of pictures from that day.

Ryan and Evan waiting for the guests to arrive.
I got this sweet decoration box from "the-only-store-I'm-allowed-to-shop-at" and it was really nice because it had pret…