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I took the boys swimming last week.  They are both doing very well in the pool.  Evan is still a bit of a cling-on (to Mom) in the pool but he does like to get wet and doesn't mind jumping in or going under.  Ryan is swimming so well.  He was kicking and using his arms real well.  He was even able to take a breath and then keep swimming.  He did not want to stop practicing and that's quite a big deal for him. 

Vegas: Night life edition

Our first night on the strip we just walked around a bunch.  We saw this lame show that the Treasure Island put on.  We got our feet nice and tired.  We ate at a buffet.  It was a nice, typical Vegas night.

 The second night we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner at the Cesar's Forum shops.  We hung out at the Planet Hollywood checking out some fun stuff.  Clare and I tried the oxygen bar and water massage beds.  The massage was nice, the oxygen was weird and pretty pointless.  We had a fun time getting to know Clare and Mark a little better, stayed up way too late, and had an amazingly fun night.

 The animated show at Caesar's Palace.

 When we left the Cesar's, we noticed a huge crowd of people so we stopped to check it out and they were waiting for Celine Dion to get out of her show and ride home in her Roles Royce.  We waited for a little while but didn't have the patience to wait long enough to see her.

 A Michael Jackson impersonator.
 Our third night was the…

Vegas: Daytime edition

Colin and I met up with our friends Mark and Clare from England in Las Vegas for a couple of days.  We had a lot of fun playing tour guides and showing them around the city of Las Vegas.  We really had a great time and it was hard to say goodbye and come home.  Our boys stayed with their friends and grandparents while we were away and had a really fun time too.  I've divided our little trip into daytime and night time activities because I can't remember the order in which we did things and I also don't have any pictures from our first day.     The Bellagio is probably one of our favorite hotels.  It's so classy and romantic.  The fountains outside and the gardens inside are always a hit!

This week Las Vegas had temperatures north of 100 degrees.  It was HOT!!! Luckily though, when walking around on the strip (and elsewhere) we were able to escape into the nice air-conditioned buildings.

 We decided to hit the pool a couple of mornings and it was perfect.  The pool was f…