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On Saturday we had some errands to run.  We jump in the taxi and Colin starts right in on the Chinese.  He spoke in Chinese most of the day.  This is a terrible video because the boys wouldn't leave me alone to take it. But I just thought you might like to see it!  

 Grandpa has been asking me about street food.  Every time I've talked to him, he's asked me about it.  I kinda feel badly, but I honestly haven't really tried many hawkers stalls.  These mall food courts are about the closest thing.  Anyway, I wanted to take some photos but I know I'll get brave and try some REAL street food in the future.  Pictures to follow!

 The crowd

 Sorry for the reflection in this one.  No, a woman's hand is not coming out of the chicken, it's the reflection.  There is however, a full chicken (with feet and head intact staring back at you).
 Some fried food.
 Evan's been learning some songs in Chinese.
 This is the greeting song.  He's saying hello, how are you…

UN Day

Today we celebrated UN Day at Evan's school.  The kids had an assembly in the morning with a parade of flags.  Students, parents, and teachers wore national dress.  Lots of parents contributed food from around the world for the kids to have a feast of at lunch.  I brought a peach cobbler.  It was a really fun time and it is still so amazingly awesome to me that Evan is experiencing this exposure to so many types of cultures and making friends with children his age from all over the globe.  SO COOL!  I know THIS is why we are here.  These are the experiences I've been so excited to have!

Kid photography

The other day we were at the pool and Evan wanted to take some photos.  I always think it's pretty cool to see the world through a child's eyes.  So, here are Evan's photos of the tennis court.  

 And then Ryan wanted to take some photos too.  I think it is so funny that he put himself in the picture too.  He's lying on the ground to get into these shots.

House Hunting, International: the Dean's move to Singapore

A few awesome people who watch HGTV as much as I do asked if I was going to be on the show House Hunters International.  "Don't you worry", I told them, "I sent them an email."  Which is true.  As soon as I knew for sure that we were relocating to Singapore, I sent HGTV an email.  I never did hear back from them though.  And you guys, you remember how incredibly stressed out I was before we left?  Well, I think it's probably a really good thing that they never contacted me.  I was move-zilla.  I'm sorry guys.  I must have been terrible to be around the last two months.  I'm a lot less stressed now, promise.  

This is NOT one of our choices.  This is our temporary housing.  It's a Service Apartment hotel.  It's called Orchard Park Suites and it's right downtown Singapore.  We love the three bedrooms, kitchen, breakfast every weekday, housekeeping, and overall amenities.  But, it just isn't home.  I will be so happy to have OUR own spa…

Singapore Botanic Gardens

On Monday, Ryan and I decided to go explore the Botanic Gardens of Singapore for our Science lesson.  This field trip fits right in because we've been studying about living organisms, environments and adaptations.  Monday was another scorcher of a day here with little cloud cover.  
We took a short bus ride over there and although we walked in the wrong direction for a short while, the gardens were relatively close and easy to find.  I'm getting much better at navigating around here.  I' really hate to admit it but I have a terrible sense of direction.  
Anyway, so it was hot and we were walking around looking at all the plants.  Free admission, by the way.  And I was kind of thinking it was a little lame.  But, we were secretly searching air conditioning and walked into a library.  In the library, they had a little fun facts booklet which I decided to purchase for Ryan.  As we were looking at the book, we decided we'd explore some more of the gardens and find some of…