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County Fair

I've spent a lot of time at the school lately, and so my posts have mostly been about school. Do not fear.  I have some travel planned for next month!  I don't think I've ever been able to say that I'll be in three, no wait, four countries in a month... this crazy expat life!

Anyway, This weekend we had County Fair at SAS.  This fair is to raise money for different organizations by selling craft projects that the classes make.  Then there's the regular fair stuff like rides, games, and fried food!  It was a great time this year, and very hot!  I'm definitely going to miss this kind of thing.

Evan's class made the green-framed artwork "Peace on Earth"

Each child painted their own animal.  

Chinese New Year Assembly

I was substituting in first grade this week for the last day before Chinese New Year break.  It just so happened that first and fourth grade had their assembly together so I got to see exactly what the boys saw.  There were dancing Chinese teachers, a lantern dance, a lion dance, a game-show quiz and some audience sing-alongs.  It was pretty fun!  I sort of felt bad for the Spanish students who didn't know the songs or understand the Chinese spoken but they did everything bilingual so that was nice. 
Gong Xi Fat Cai!
Evan and Lucy
Dancing Chinese Teachers
Lantern Dancers
Lion Dancers

Finale by the Chinese Teachers

This is a song they teach the kids in Chinese class.  It's about Chinese New Year and it has actions! It's a little bit like "We Wish you a Merry Christmas"

Just a snipit of the Lion Dance at the assembly

This is the most popular of CNY songs.  Leading up to CNY and all throughout, you hear this song EVERYWEHRE in the grocery store, on the radio, and y…

Our Daily Life in Singapore

I've often thought to myself that I wish my mom or my sister could see what my daily life is like here in Singapore.  So much of what I do every day is the same as what I do back at home in Utah, but so much of it looks differently.  There are some big differences, and there are some little differences but when you add it all up, it's a beautiful life and I love it.

I've tried to capture bits and pieces of our daily lives here in Singapore so that you can get a glimpse into it.So, here it is!

A day in the life of the Dean Family-  Singapore version!

Get Ready for School: The kids' school starts at 8:00.  I think that's the perfect schedule; 8-3.  We leave the house around 7:30 am.

Walk to School: We live 1 kilometer from the school.  I love that we live so close and I love to walk my kids each morning to school.

One of my favorite parts of the day is greeting everyone we see on our walk.  All of the families in the neighborhood are walking their kids to school an…