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This is Ryan and I painting letters for baby Evan. So, I guess we've made up our mind on the first name.

I have a funny story to tell about Ryan. Yesterday he was playing with his little match-box cars on the table. He decided it would be fun to drive them through some "powder". So, he dumped out as much pepper as he could get out of the shaker and began driving the little truck through it. Later on he put the truck in his mouth. He quickly found out that it didn't taste so good. He kept rubbing his tongue on the couch, his blanket, and his shirt, trying to get the taste to go away. It was just too funny. I gave him some juice and that didn't work either so we eventually washed his hands and brushed his teeth to help him get rid of the pepper taste.

Well, I survived my long week at work. Parent-Teacher conferences went well and I only didn't see two parents. I didn't get yelled at and my sugars stayed normal throughout the conferencing. I am so relieved th…

4 more weeks!

As of yesterday, there are only four weeks left until our baby boy arrives! AH! I'm starting to feel not ready. But, I have my trusty list so as soon as I get that done, and whatever else I add to it, I'll be ready- at least prepared in the home. Mentally, I'm starting to freak out about this second baby coming and I have no idea why. Colin says he's more excited for this one. Ryan has been asking to feel the baby (my tummy) lately and he's started calling stuff "my brother's..." so I think he's ready too. Yesterday a girl at work told me, "you're getting big!” Yeah, nothing else, just that, which by the way is about the worst thing you can say to a pregnant woman. Some people have no tact. Anyway, Baby was checked out on Monday and again on Thursday and everything looks really good. On Thursday, his movements were a lot slower but I kept poking him to get him to wake up and they never had to use the obnoxious buzzer to alert him. My flui…

Baby Update

So I'm 33 weeks along tomorrow which means I only have 5 weeks left of pregnancy. I've just about made it to the down-right miserable phase of the pregnancy. I'm getting bigger- it seems more each day, and more and more uncomfortable. Colin says I'm doing better than last time though, and I attribute most of that to the fact that I was huge pregnant for almost the ENTIRE summer with Ryan. I had lots of swelling and was as big as a balloon. Luckily, I haven't swollen up with this one. My ribs seem to have adjusted to this pregnancy much better too, I can feel when he's moved up into my rib cage but I don't have that tearing apart feeling coming from my ribs constantly.

So anyway, I went to the diabetes doctor on Monday and the OB on Tuesday. Both docs say I'm doing well and that I just need to keep a good eye on my sugars. It's getting harder each day as this baby kicks out more and more growth hormone. Dr. Smith (OB) did a growth check and, brace you…

Our Vacation in San Diego

So I've decided to just post all of the vacation in one post since we didn't really have great access to Internet while we were at Grandma's house. It might take me a few days to edit and update this post, get all of the pictures in the right order and what-not but I'll just start by writing the journaling. I apologize in advance for the length, and you can stop reading whenever you get bored of my banter. I will try to post the videos somehow too, but I'm not sure if it will be in a separate post or not.

Saturday- A great day for driving:

So we left West Jordan at around 9:00 am on Saturday morning and headed for Las Vegas, Nevada. The weather and driving conditions could not have been better. The roads were dry and we didn't even hit any traffic. I guess we planned it well being the weekend after Martin Luther King Day, and the weekend before the Super Bowl. Anyway, we arrived in Las Vegas about 5 and a half hours later and went to the Stoker's house. Brand…