More from the beach

I have pictures from our trip on four different cameras. When I uploaded them all, the order got quite mixed up. My point is, I forgot a few pictures. So, here is more from the beach! A few nights per week they have little programs at the campground gathering place (can't think of the word). This night it was a nice dolphin presentation. Our kids were a little young to be too interested, but it was a nice activity for them before bedtime. Another night we went (no pictures) they did a magic show. Ryan LOVED it. He would have been entertained for the whole hour (I think) but Evan got a fever and I had to take him back to camp.

Justin took a few pictures on my camera of the scenery. This is one of the surf.

This is another of the beach.

And, the beach more populated.
I also have three videos that I took at the beach. I've been having a little trouble with my video feed, so I'm putting them in the post. I guess you're probably more likely to watch them this way anyhow.
These are of Evan exploring the beach and chasing the seagulls and of Ryan riding on Grandpa's wheelchair.


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