Old Farm *SPLASH* Park

Tonya and I took the boys to the splash park the other day. We had a wonderful day, it was so nice to get the kids together after having been apart for a few weeks. They played really well together and Tonya and I enjoyed talking and hanging out while the kids were playing. Best buddies!

Ah! Getting wet!

Josie and Kylee playing in the water.

The boys enjoying their lunch.

A view of one section of the splash mat.

Ryan is a crazy man. He loves to run and play in the water, he got soaked!

Evan wasn't really into getting wet. He mostly just watched the kids play.

The girls eating their lunch.

One of the main structures at the park is a tractor. Very Old Farm!


The Sohm's said…
Jen, I'm surprised I didn't see you there. This splash park is right in my neighborhood. My house is in the neighborhood across the park.

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